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Strong Bad's favorite game?

posted by Jake Telltale Alumni on - last edited - Viewed by 2.4K users
Despite his amassed knowledge of all games, I'm sure there are a few Strong Bad hasn't heard of.

In this thread I'd love it if you guys named a few games which you think Strong Bad would be into if he knew about them, and (this is the important part) explain why. Present your case well!

I will start!



Released for Macintosh (~MacOS 9 era) in 1998. In Nanosaur, you play a small dinosaur from a future, who is sent back in time to collect prehistoric dinosaur eggs to take with you, back to the future to save your dying race. You collect these eggs by fighting other, bigger dinosaurs. Also you have a jet pack. So, you're a jet pack dinosaur from the future who fights prehistoric dinosaurs by blasting them with laser beams, and then steals their eggs.

Bonus fact, according to Wikipedia: "A cheat in the game allows all of the weapons to be obtained by jumping off of a high surface or riding a flying creature."

And, as you can see, the graphics are amazing.

That's my candidate for Strong Bad's favorite game. Please best me in this battle with proposals of your own. (I have obvious holes in my proposal which allow it to be topped -- for instance Nanosaur's soundtrack includes no electric guitar, an obvious oversight.)
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