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Does anyone else fine with 90 minute episodes ?

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Seriously, i don't really care about hubs,puzzles,. I just want to enjoy the story and 90 minutes is perfectly fine for that. Anything longer than 90 minutes would be just filler IMO!
  • extra time is not filler since it is in the game meant for you to play, filler means it isn't cannon to the story and a lot of so called "filler" scenes are cannon. also no i'm not ok with 90 minute episodes
    • You're wrong about the 'it's in the game, so it isn't filler' part.

      'The shops. Eddie needed to go to the shops, of all things, right when he was in the middle of something important.


      He arrived at the shops and looked around. He picked up a bag of crisps and some drink, then paid at the counter. Afterwards, he left, but as soon as he stepped outside, he saw Georgie. Quickly, he ducked around the corner and prayed he hadn't been seen.'


      'Eddie had to go to the shops. He couldn't believe it. Right when he was in the middle of something very important.


      Just after leaving the shops with a bag in hand, he saw Georgie and he quickly ducked around the corner, praying he hadn't been seen.'

      The writing is far from great, but the first bit is an example of filler. Why, exactly, is it needed to state what was bought, etc.? Basically, filler is added material that doesn't need to be there.

      So, just because something is in a game doesn't mean it's not filler. Likewise, extend this to the game including scenes that aren't necessary. That's filler. And it can make the game worse, all to reach a specific length.

      However, this said, it is possible for Telltale to add more without the added parts being filler. Really, we won't know unless it's done, but keep it in mind when requesting longer episodes, particularly when the episodes are for a story driven game, because you might get what you wished for and not like the end result. Therefore, a new cycle of complaining begins. And if it's not you complaining, then others will do so.

      Really, what you and others have a problem with is the content itself, no? Not the length, because you feel you aren't getting to know the characters well enough.

      Edit: Also, keep in mind the people complaining about the length between episodes. Episodes will take longer to release if they're longer.

      Edit 2: Figured I'd clarify the 'wrong' part of my post. Just because something's in something doesn't mean it's not filler. That said, I guess Green meant that parts from season 1 where you walk around and talk to characters isn't filler. That's kind of a different thing to what I'm talking about, as I assumed Green was talking about something else.
      • The force is strong with the dislikes. :)

        Doesn't bother me, by the folks, keep on disliking. It's only a game forum after all.
      • > Really, what you and others have a problem with is the content itself, no? Not the length, because you feel you aren't getting to know the characters well enough.

        Bingo. Clem feels like she's only caught up in this mess with a bunch of relative strangers to me, three episodes in. Basic empathy is really the only thing that makes me feel anything whenever one of them dies, not really the script.

        > Edit: Also, keep in mind the people complaining about the length between episodes. Episodes will take longer to release if they're longer.

        Season 1. If this simple argument is presented, then Season 1 is the simplest counterargument.

        If a more diverging storyline is to be implemented, with more variables and such, then yes, longer episodes will mean longer waits. From what I've heard, it's a nightmare to code determinant characters and situations. Curious thing is that even those simple dialogue choices have little or no consequences at all. :(
        • It is. Have you seen pictures of Twine graphs? Or pictures of stories on Inklewriter?

          Before tackling that though, season 2 is more cinematic and such, I believe. Also, even if it matters very little, they have to account for season 1 choices here. Something to keep in mind anyway. Not sure how much more time that would add anyway.

          But addressing the coding for branching paths, it is a nightmare. Imagine you have two options at the end of page two. Each leads down a different path, and they're not largely the same. Now then, at the end of the next two pages, there are another two choices. it's easy to see how things can get out of hand with a never-ending story if every choice leads to what is essentially a different story. Even one with minimal changes is a nightmare to write, in terms of workload and keeping everything right. Nevermind the actual coding which is extensive.

          Anyways, folks, not that it bothers me, but I can understand you giving me dislikes for misunderstanding what Green said and for potentially seeming like a big head. What I can't understand though is giving dislikes for stating 'remember it'll take longer to make the episodes if the episodes themselves are longer and to keep the complainers about the delay between episodes in mind'. It is a perfectly reasonable thing to say and kind of makes you look like . . . yeah. If that is the reason you're disliking the comment anyway. And I have nothing more to say on that.

          Edit: Actually, this summarises the nightmare quite well. http.:// The image in that thread.
  • I'm not. Looking back at season one, there was just SO MUCH that happened in each episode. So much excitement and character interactions and development. I really, really miss that.
  • I don't think they should have a time in mind when creating the game at all.

    If it takes an 120 minute episode to tell the story, they should make an 120 minute episode. If it only takes 90 minutes, that would be fine too.

    I can see why they don't though. People would complain like crazy if an episode turned out to be an hour shorter than the previous one.

    I personally don't care either way about puzzles, but hubs are in my opinion very important, to get a feel for the characters you're supposed to care about.
  • No the 90 minute limit is making them burn through plot and characters way too quickly, it feels like all we're doing is making decisions about characters we know nothing about, we do need hubs, otherwise a character centric series is rendered pointless.
  • Did you have dinner with your gf yet? Have you both decided what you'll play on the couch 90 minutes before bed?
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      smoker BANNED
      No,but we played TWAU ep3 today which was amazing ;)
      • ignore him he has been saying that it is short beacuse people only have 90 minutes to play games before bed for awhile now which is stupid.
        • But telltale said they're making their games for those kinds of people.
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            Vainamoinen Moderator
            "Telltale Games. The studio that makes games for those kinds of people who only have 90 minutes before they have to go to bed".

            ...yeah, I'm pretty certain they said nothing like that. ;)
            • I'm probably not helping here with this comment, I know that, but I remember them saying they thought it was ideal for people to be able to play through the episodes in one sitting?

              I have no problem with it anyway. I quite enjoy the episodes without the hubs etc.
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              OzzyUK Moderator
              They did say something like that

              "Telltale’s senior PR manager Job Stauffer told me, that the company aims to create narratives that can be started and finished in the time after dinner and before bed"
  • I remember you, you're the guy that wanted 60 minute episodes.


    To bluntly answer your question: No.

    I see it as a limit, not really a natural progression of what these games are supposed to be.
  • The episodes aren't bad because of the lenght in my opinion.Still,it would be even better if we would have 2 hour episodes
  • No, I'm not, and here's why:

    It's not that there are no hubs and puzzles, the game has those... it's the way they are being used. There's a lack of content in the areas they DO have, like no investigation into the place, no way to immerse yourself deeper in the story. The lack of content means the hubs and puzzles that are there are only there to get you walking around to avoid making this Jurassic Park with choices.

    If there were more content in the game, length wouldn't be much of an issue.
    • what?? correct me if im wrong but youre saying that it was bad that there wasn't more hubs in ep. 3???? we were prisoners that every turn there was some assholes shitting on us to do and not do certain shit. again correct me if wrong
      • Correction: I am saying that the hubs that WERE there were used incorrectly.

        Example: when Kenny asks you to look around, you had to look for a way out. I tried talking to Sarah, but she said she 'didn't want to talk'.

        Tried talking to Rebecca, she thanked me for checking on her and left.

        Then I tried talking to Nick. We say a few things and dismiss the conversation.

        If there were more investigation and more content, there would be longer episodes.
  • So did you wish that the episodes were shorter when you was playing the first season of TWD? I ask this because I used to practically comb through the forums and I never once saw any complaints about episodes feeling to long or drawn out. All I read were posts from people praising the game and predicting it's GOTY award and wishing for more of the same when season 2 was announced. Just saying.

    I love the walking dead franchise and I would be pissed if the tv show went from having 16 episodes to 6 episodes so it didn't have any "filler" episodes. So being used to longer episodes, I did feel a little hard done by when I heard the episodes for season 2 would be shorter and experiencing the waiting times be longer this time around was just insult to injury. I suppose some walking dead content is better than none.

    I don't share the belief that the series is better for having shorter episodes. It would be different if it was ten 90 minute eposodes. That would have satisfied the marginal few who felt season 1 had long drawn out episodes whilst allowing for good chatacter development, characterisation, characters relationship development and keeping the qualty pacing that made season 1 a success.
  • I honestly don't care as long as it's over an hour and it's good I'm happy.
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