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The Wolf Among Us Season 2 Speculation/Suggestion Thread

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Do you think telltalegames should make season 2 of the wolf among us?
  • yeah lets see how season 1 ends before discussing season 2
  • Of course I hope they make season two. I've seen enough to know I love the game and there is so many more characters left to meet.
  • It depends on how well the first season does but if it does well then I think we can expect another season but it may be a while after they have finished with borderlands and game of thrones.
  • As long as they don't kill bigby or snow off I would love them to make a season two. If choices made could have a bigger effect on what happens that would be good. A style where you have various 'good' or 'bad' endings would be nice providing it's done in as little linear method as possible, the way some games has done them seems so corny at times. I understand budgetry issues if you spend years making a single game so it can just have millions of different stories especially when mainly audio and visual work, especially the visual as to do fantastic high def computer stuff always takes an age to do but I'm sure it would make a lot of people very happy
  • Thread: The Wolf Among Us Season 2?

    I think TellTale will make a Season 2 of the Wolf Among Us set after the final issue(it's coming to an end) and will reflect on your choices from season 1.

  • That would give them a lot more freedom with the video game but how would they do that without confusing the non-comic book reader fans?

  • If they do it will be years from now. WB won't let them touch it until their movie is released.

  • I reckon season 2 should carry on not long after the first season.

  • A second season would be great, but we will probably have to wait a while because of Tales from the Borderlands and GoT. As for what it might be about, I am pretty sure it will be another prequel set story to the comics because Telltale is good about the fact they dont want to force players to have prior knowledge of a series to play one of theirs. But anyway, I'm praying for a second season and hopefully a DLC will come up while Tales from the Borderlands is coming out.

  • TWAU has been amazing, and it's hard to think of this one season as all we'd get out of such a great game world. If there is going to be a season 2, it should probably take place in those twenty years before the comics. There's all that empty time to fill, after all, and it's plenty for another little "adventure". Having it after the comics seems a bit strange, as those who only played the game will probably be a bit confused by the time jump and all the material between the first season and the second. They could try to summarize everything you'd absolutely need to know, but it's nicer not to need all that background info and to just be able to enjoy the story.

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