• I don't think Carver forced himself on her. They kind of hinted at that but the way she addresses him just....doesn't quite make sense. She talks as if she once liked him but then he turned bad. Why call him "Bill" all the time, for example?

    As for if she'd abandon it....no clue. I think it'll be Alvin's anyways.
  • Why would she? It doesn't matter if Carver is the father, she is still the mother, so it seems just strange to abandon her own child somewhere.
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      CrazyGeorge BANNED
      i don't know, it never slipped into your mind that she would? This is the ZA.
    • Wouldn't be too unusual in literature. Of course, the most famous example would be Oedipus Tyrannos.

      She'd need a good reason though. I could see it happen if they were about to be surrounded by walkers and the baby was crying.
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        CrazyGeorge BANNED
        If they get surrounded by walkers and Rebecca just does a Maybelles , and walks off without saying anything to the group..
      • Oh my god! I read Oedipus Tyrannos in class earlier this year. Messed up story, man.
        • I read it a couple of years ago

          Did you read it in greek?

          The story was incredibly depressing. Like i think the dramatic irony is intended to gradually long to see oedipus fall as he gets more and more violent and arrogant, and when he does we're just left feeling like complete dicks
          • What's the story about? I've never head about it.
            • It's about a man (Oedipus) who is fated to kill his father and marry his mother, the king and queen of Thebes. When he is a baby his parents leave him to die on a mountainside in order to escape the prophecy, but the child is rescued by a shepherd and taken to Corinth and is raised by the shepherd and his wife. When he is a young man, he discovers the prophecy about himself and, thinking that the shepherd and his wife were his real parents, he fled Corinth.

              He decides to travel. On the road he meets a man who insults him gravely and Oedipus kills him. He then finds out a city nearby is being cursed by a sphinx, and the only way to save it is by solving a riddle. He does so, and he marries the queen of the city, whose husband has just been murdered by someone, as her gratitude for saving them all, and they have four children. Much later on, a new plague hits the city, and it is said that the plague will only be lifted if the murderer of the king is expelled from the land and killed. Oedipus, the new king, embarks on a long search to discover who the murderer is. He eventually discovers that the man he killed after fleeing Corinth was actually the king. The queen then realises that this must mean Oedipus was actually her son, and she kills herself out of shame.

              Oedipus discovers the body and stabs both of his eyes out with his mothers clothe pins, and begs to leave the city, telling his children that they will never marry because of their incestuous heritage.

              So yeah, pretty depressing.
  • Plot twist? Black baby? Alvins all along?
  • It suck because now the baby wont have a dad. And possibly wont have a mom either.
  • Rebecca will not abandon her baby, Her dialogue in episode 2 indicates she wants to keep the baby.

    The dialogue is in the lodge scene after Rebecca tell's Alvin to get her a drink.
  • Rebecca definitely will keep her baby. I think she was worried the baby wasn't hers only because she knew Alvin would be mad. I think she will love it no matter what. I heard that it was confirmed that the baby is indeed Carver's, but you never know. I could've been lied to by the Wiki.
  • It doesn't even matter, Rebecca is going to *see spoilers* anyway and Clementine will take care of it.
  • Sometimes people do things they regret later. This arriving at the Howe's and "making things more complicated" seems like one of those things Rebecca got caught up in voluntarily, and when Carver became further set in what he thought was the best way to manage the community, she and Alvin decided they didn't like it there and escaped with the others who were planning to leave.

    She won't abandon it. In episode 3, she confessed her fears that it might be Carver's, and about how difficult it could be to care for a baby in the new violent world, but she does express comfort in "meeting someone new". Whoever she made the baby with, she'll keep it. Cuz no matter whose it is, it's also hers.
  • I'll take any outcome aside from the baby being a zombie and eating it's way through her belly, Alien style.
  • The baby has no fault so why would he/she be abandoned? Cruelty
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