walking dead.

I have purchased both walking dead games on my iPhone.
I am due to get my PlayStation 3 back and I was wondering,
As iv already bought it, is there any way to get it on my PlayStation device or will I have to buy it again?
I'd rather play on a big screen than a tiny phone.


  • Sorry, I think you have to buy it again.
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    I think you have to buy it again. apple and ps3 are 2 totally different companies, I don't think there is a way to transfer. id get the season pass if I were you, you save most money that way. At lease that's what I did.
  • Sorry bud.But you gonna have to throw up some more cash-ola.
  • You'll have to buy it again. Games cannot be redeemed/shared across different platforms or stores (except for universal iOS apps that can be shared on any iOS device).
  • Yo, this is random but I heard only PS3 games bought on the store can be used on PS4, I bought TWD and TWAU on there does that mean I can play the next episodes on the PS4 when there out?
  • Thanks for the reply!
    I'll save and buy it again!
    It'll be a better experience on a bigger screen than my phone.
    Plus my iPhone crashed during fast game scenes.
  • Oh, bugger. Thank you.
    Best save my pennies up!!
    It'll be worth it! the games amazing.
  • I got both season passes on my phone. Saves money.
    I'll see if they can do anything and i'll email them. If not i'll just buy it again.
    The games worth it. It'll be better on bigger screens and without it crashing on fast action scenes.
  • I would have thought you could since they are play station devices.
    Since this is apple and PlayStation, two different companies.
    Its probably not possible to transfer the game. But I would imagine you could on PlayStation to PlayStation.
  • Yeah, well as I said I know you can play PS games on there (only if there bought from store). But TWD and TWAU is different, it... it's out every month so... IDK...
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    Actually, I'd recommend the PC version over the PS3 version. I think the PC version is on sale currently, and I've noticed that in my experience, the PC version of Telltale's games run better than the PS3 version.

    As a disclaimer, I'm only a volunteer moderator and not a Telltale staff member endorsing one version over another.
  • I don't have a device that I can play the PC version on.
    I have a windows surface RT.
    Sadly if its not an app I can not download it :/
    Only downfall of the surface RT otherwise it would be a great piece of technology.
  • I don't know :/ you could try email support.
    Iv emailed them to see if there is anything I can do so I am not paying twice.
    But if I have to pay twice, i'll just save,
    Hopefully by then the third series will be close to being released.
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