How many are there in Carver's group?

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They don't seem many as Tavia described in 400 days DLC. She said they're starting a community but it seems there are only about 30 people (including Luke and company, and the 400 days Characters). Assuming there were many other who were not shown in Season2 Ep3, they could have easily barricaded and fortified their walls (instead of just making Kenny and Mike do the job) and at least had more firepower during the horde invasion at the ending of Ep3?


  • 400 days =

    400 people?
  • It had me confused too. Honestly where the hell was everyone?
  • I remember maybe like 6-7 generic guards, Troy, Mike, Jane, Reggie, 6 characters from 400 days, the entire group you were with including Alvin and Nick, Carver mentioned some sick people that Carlos needed to tend to, and Johnny(before he died) at most.
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