Serious Spoilers for 204 + 205

Okay, so guys, I have some legit serious spoilers for 204.

Remember how #RememberTheMeatLocker went around before the release, and now everyone think it's talking about how Carver died? But, it's more than that.

Okay, so Tavia's group was going through places, and chances are they came along the St. John Dairy. Searching it, they probably found the godly saltlick of KenJesus. Realizing it's holiness, they took it and forged it into a crowbar. Kenny bashed Carver's face in with that crowbar, so that's why it's #RememberTheMeatLocker.

But how does this connect with 204? Well, I've figured it out. in the trailer, KenJesus says "Dammit, where the fuck is Luke?" Luke actually dies in 204, and KenJesus isn't talking about the human Luke. The saltbar (saltlick crowbar) noticed Luke's hesitancy to praise him, so it named itself after him to spite him, and then KenJesus murders Luke with Luke.

But, you might ask, how can Luke die so early? What about the pizza and ice cream choice? Well, let me tell you what this really is. It's really a choice between saving KenJesus or wielding the glorious Luke yourself.

So what will all of you choose? Will you save the beloved KenJesus, or wield Luke the Mighty Saltbar? Choose wisely...


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