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Walking Dead Season 2 Doesn't Create Save Files / Won't Load Existing Ones

posted by Tolmekian on - last edited - Viewed by 12.6K users
With the release of episode 3 I'm trying to play Walking Dead S02 but it will not load my past saves from the previous episodes/season. (All has worked fine for Season 1 and Episodes 1+2 from Season 2 until now).

The save slots are empty in-game. However, in C:\Users\USERNAME\Documents\Telltale Games\The Walking Dead Season Two my save files are there.

During troubleshooting I've done many things like disabling cloud sync as recommended and unstalling / reinstalling both TWD S01/2. Right now I've created a backup of the saves, then deleted the "..\The Walking Dead Season Two" folder to prompt a new save file that I could overwrite with the backup. However, the game will create the folder again whenever I go through a save checkpoint although no save files are being created, the folder is simply empty - Image -

Nevermind losing all of my past choices, it is now impossible to play this game with no save files being generated unless I play through it all in one sitting which isn't practical at all. Even if I could do that, when I return for episode 4 I won't have any of my previous choices again which isn't enjoyable at all for a game built on choice.

I've run the support tool which you can find here - Zip -
And here's the support tool run with the original S02 save files intact before I made a backup and removed them - Zip -

I've noticed that the registry key for S02 is missing in both but I'm not sure how to fix that bar reinstalling which I've done several times.

To clarify, S01 still works and has all my saves, but S02 won't import these, won't read my existing save files and won't create new ones.

Please help.
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    TelltaleMike Telltale Staff

    After looking over your support tool, it seems that your game is not installed to a local drive on your computer, but rather it is in

    \HOMESERVER\Storage\Documents\Telltale Games\The Walking Dead Season Two

    Unfortunately the game will have to be installed to a local drive on the computer you wish to play/save the game, or your game will not save successfully. I recommend installing the game to your local drive (C:\ or D:) and then start the game, and your save files should then be able to save properly.

    • Thanks for the reply.

      I'm afraid that's incorrect, the game is installed on my local games drive G:\Steam\SteamApps\common\The Walking Dead Season Two (I have a single 1TB drive that's partitioned with 100GB C:\ and 900GB G:)

      My documents, videos, music etc. all points towards my server which distributes them across the network. TWD default save directory is in documents although "C:\Users\USERNAME\Documents\Telltale Games\The Walking Dead Season Two" and "\HOMESERVER\Storage\Documents\Telltale Games\The Walking Dead Season Two" both point to the same location of course.

      I'm puzzled as to why it works fine for season 1 (which has the exact same setup with save files stored in "\HOMESERVER\Storage\Documents\Telltale Games\the walking dead" and the game installed on my local G:\ drive), and did work fine for season 2 up until episode 3 :s

      Surely there's a fix for this if it still works for the former? I can't possibly be the first TWD player who has my documents pointed to a network share.

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        TelltaleMike Telltale Staff

        Please check if you have Steam cloud saves enabled. (You can check this by right clicking on the game in your Steam library, clicking properties, and click the updates tab. Near the bottom of the page, you can see if the Steam cloud is enabled for The Walking Dead: Season 2.) If it is enabled, does disabling it, and restarting Steam allow you to access your saves?

      • Same problem here. Walking Dead Season One and Two installed on local drive (S: data drive) and Document folder redirected to network share on server. Season One works fine. Prefs file and all saves located in correct location (\Server\users\username\Documents\Telltale Games\The Walking Dead). No issues at all with Season One.

        I just got Season Two during the Steam Summer Sale. I started it up and tried to load in my data from Season One, but it won't work. It created "The Walking Dead Season Two" folder in my network document folder, but it won't save anything there. If I make a change to my settings (e.g. change video resolution), it won't save the change. If I try to start a new game without loading Season One, it runs fine and gives me the saving symbol when it saves, but nothing is saved. No files appear in the folder.

        What was broken in Season Two to stop it from working with network paths? Maybe it doesn't support UNC paths? Works fine in Season One though :(

        Tolmekian, did you get this working? Disabling Folder Redirection is not an option, as I want my data properly synced to the server.

        Any help or suggestions?


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          TelltaleMike Telltale Staff

          I apologize for the inconvenience. Unfortunately save files can only be accessed/imported to or from a local drive. I recommend installing the game on your computer's local drive, and then moving the Season One save files to your local computer as well, in order for Season Two to access them. Then once Season Two is installed on your local drive, you should be able to successfully import your Season One saves, and Season Two will save properly in the local drive. Again, apologies for any difficulties this may cause you.

          (Please note, the proper directory setup in order for the Season One saves to be read is:

          C:\Users\%YourNameHere%\Documents\Telltale Games\The Walking Dead)

          • Is this at least being added to the bug fix list? This worked fine in Season One and there is no reason why it can't work for Season Two (works for most other games). This is not the only game or program on my computer, and I shouldn't be required to remove folder redirection for just one game. This is very frustrating.

  • First off thanks for a great series of games. Season 1 was excellent and I'm expecting Season 2 to be so as well.

    I'm in the same situation as EnemyWithin. I have the game installed on a local drive (E:) but I also use Folder Redirection Group Policies to synchronize user profile folders with a network file server. Season 1 worked fine but I had issues with Season 2 not saving settings, not creating save files and not finding the Season 1 save files even though they are in the Telltale Games folder in My Documents. I think the problem arises if absolute folder paths are used somewhere in the code instead of environment variables but I’m not a programmer just a Network Administrator.

    I worked around the problem with the following solution (no reinstalling of the games necessary):

    1) Crete a local account that doesn’t have any FR policies applied to it (I used “local account” because I assume you’re running a domain on your home network but a domain account without FR should work as well but I haven’t tested it)

    2) Log onto that account and copy the Season 1 folder from the account using FR to the 2nd account’s My Docs folder (C:\Users\<2nd Account>\My Documents\Telltale Games\The Walking Dead). Make sure your normal Windows account has full write permissions on the 2nd account's MY Docs folder.

    3) Log onto STEAM using your normal credentials and start WD Season 2.

    4) Configure the settings and start a new game to let it look for the save file from Season 1

    5) It should find it if you copied it properly in step 2 and if so start playing.

    6) Get far enough for an auto save and then quit the game

    7) Log back onto your normal Windows account

    8) Start STEAM but use the 2nd Windows account’s credentials by holding Shift, right clicking on the STEAM icon and selecting “Run as different user”. You will still use your normal STEAM credentials.

    Note: If you are running a domain and the 2nd account is a local account then you’ll have to put the computer name before the 2nd account’s user name like PC01\UserName or it will look for a domain account with that name. If you aren’t running a domain then ignore this. Also, if you are running a domain at home you probably already knew how to enter a local account’s credentials properly so no offense meant.

    This worked fine for me and I was able to load the saved game from the spot I left it when running it using the 2nd account. The only caveat here is that your saved games for Season 2 will be in the 2nd accounts My Documents folder so you’ll have to manually copy them back to your My Docs folder to have them redirected or create a script to copy them for you. I hope this helps. I had this same issue with Dead Space and it took me a bit of messing around to figure it out.

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      TelltaleMike Telltale Staff

      Thank you for posting this extra information. I will make sure to pass it along to the team.

      • Hello Mike, I am encountering the same problem (Steam version, roaming profile on windows domain). This is really annoying and the described work around is a huge inconvenience. So since this problem is known for a long time now, will this ever be fixed or is Telltale just going to sit this out? UNC path handling and using Microsoft's Environment.SpecialFolder-Enumeration should not be too hard and best practices anyway. Thanks for you support.

    • OMG !!!!! THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU !!!! CTMorseJr !!!!

      Dude or dudette (no idea what your gender is) but your tip fixed my problem... Well partially fixed but at least my game is playable now. My situation was kind of similar. Was not using domain but did install the game on a local G drive raid 0 and My Documents folder was on a shared network folder on my NAS server. At first I noticed Season 2 game would not import the season 1 game save but then later noticed it would not create its own game saves at all.

      I did your tip, created a new local account, made sure to use its default My Documents location. Copied over the season 1 save folder to that location and ran the game through steam and WA-LA !!! It sees the season 1 save. I played a little bit for it to save and it did make a new season 2 game save files. Finally PROGRESS !!!! Been dealing with this problem for months.

      But going back to my main account, I ran steam as different user and it still did not see the game save. Maybe its something to do with the security credentials but I made sure I could read and write to the 2nd account My Documents folder from my main account so not sure what the problem is there but at least I can now play the game from my 2nd account.

      I don't care which account I play the game from as long as I can finally play it. THANKS BRO or BRUH. YOU ROCK !!!!

  • I had the same problem as EnemyWithin. My windows documents folder is on a remote location \\SERVER NAME\FOLDER\windows documents. If you target your windows document with this, the walking dead season 2 will never save anything in the game.

    I found a solution about that :
    - Map a network drive of your remote path => \SERVER NAME\FOLDER\windows documents\ (attribute any letter you want)
    - Now target your windows document folder with the local drive (never the full network path)

    After that all should works !

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      TelltaleMike Telltale Staff

      Thank you for providing the extra information on how you were able to resolve the issue. I hope you are now able to enjoy the game!

    • This worked for me. I mapped a drive to the \server\users share and then changed the folder redirection to use the mapped drive path instead of the UNC path. I also had to move the game install folder from my data drive to the default C: drive location. After all that, it finally worked. Six months later and I finally get to play the game. Thanks for the hint bebek45!

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