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My Death Predictions for s04

posted by Kenny4Eva on - last edited - Viewed by 2.8K users
So I know we are still quite aways away from the next ep of the TWD (July 1st my guess) but I think its still good to take a pretty reasonable guess so here we go!

1) I think Nick is going to die this ep I mean in ep 2 A house Divided he was able to die and in episode 3 didn't have much dialogue apart from kissing Luke's ass xD

2) Sarita- Its quite obvious why, at the end of episode while making your way through the herd she gets bit by the walker, you either cut of her hand or kill the walker (I chopped of her hand) and during the herd if she was to scream the zombies would just pounce on her and begin to devour her so I think its a reasonable thought to think thats she gone next episode!

Thats all post in the comments who you think is dieing next ep and why Thanks for reading !!!
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