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People who work for Crooked man(Crooked man mafia)

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Dum-work for him
Dee-work for him
Jersey Devil -work for him
Bloody Mary -work for him
Tim-work for him
Georgie Porgie -work for him

Write who you think is still a member of the Mafia
  • maybe It's quite possible because blue beard is one of the wealthier Fables
    or maybe for him but does not know what I croocked man behind schedule
  • Crooked. It's Crooked, not croocked.

    Georgie Porgie is probably a partner of the Crooked Man, involved in some way, but not directly working for him. Remember how Jack said he sometimes works at the Crooked Man's places? I assume that the Crooked Man is involved in quite a number of Fabletown businesses, The Pudding & Pie being on of them.

    Dee and Dum are just hit men, foot soldiers, hired guns. I don't believe that they hold much importance in the Crooked Man's organization.

    It looks as if Tiny Tim works for him, as he was the one driving the car. And possibly the red haired man, since he seems to be following Bigby, perhaps gathering information on him for the Crooked Man?

    The Jersey Devil might hold the same place in his organization as Bloody Mary does. Still a hired gun of sorts, but much more important than the Tweedles. One of his members who gets things done.

    The Butcher is still fairly unknown, but we can guess that he's at least involved with this whole thing, as packages for or from him appeared both at Greenleaf's apartment, and in the Tweedle's basement.

    I don't think that Jack is working for the Crooked Man, perhaps with him just when he needs money, but as or being part of his organization? I highly doubt it.

    I bet he's got just some footsoliders and hired guns similar to the Tweedles who won't be important, but I don't think that there will be any other major players involved. Maybe Bluebeard will have done business with the Crooked Man, but I doubt he'd be closely involved in the whole thing.
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