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So do you guys think.....

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that Rebecca's baby will actually live? The more I think about it, the more I think that the baby might not survive. I can't imagine them carrying around a newborn through the last episode. That would be incredibly dangerous not to mention we'd better hope they come across a store with baby formula in it in the next hour after the baby is born.
  • I think its going to be a girl. In the "next time" clem was sitting on the floor and clem is looking at something on the floor, and jane says "She's gonna get someone killed! "

    could it be the baby crying? idk. but I think the baby will last a long time. At least to season 3. just a thought.
    • I thought the exact same thing about Jane's line! I hope the baby survives but I have my doubts. This is Telltale, after all.

      And having a baby is incredibly risky. They won't know when they need to be quiet to hide from walkers or other survivors and there's just so much that can go wrong.
    • That's a really good point!
    • Good point... I noticed at the time that Clem was smiling and I was like... "The fuck, why is she smiling when Jane is talking about death and danger?", but it might make sense if what you said is to be true :P
  • they wouldn't have to find baby formula if rebecca lives, i just hope that rebecca lives otherwise her dying in child birth would be just like the tv show
  • You do realize baby formula hasn't been with us since the dawn of the species? There's another source of baby food. They're called boobs...
    • Yeeeah that's if you assume Rebecca will live. I wasn't being obtuse.
      • Obsuse? Personally, I prefer being over 90 degrees (except the friggin weather ㅠ_ㅠ)

        I'm playing, but, actually I looked it up, and maternal mortality is overplayed. I was looking it up for another discussion, and even the countries most behind in development have a death rate of around 10%. Obviously that's high and it's horrible, and I don't want to downplay that, but it was a lot higher than literature would have you believe (and I believed prior to looking it up a day or two ago.) Anyway, not to downplay how serious maternal mortality is, but it is a lower percentage that (at least I) was lead to believe.

        Btw, is it normal that I first saw that picture and thought it was the one-eyed one-horned flyer purple people eater? Then I looked at it again, realized it was Lee and Clementine... Then I realized I'm tired and it's time I should go to bed...
    • I assume that you were being sarcastic, but they still make formula....
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    AmazingAura01 BANNED
    I don't wanna know what they will do to it. I don't even wanna think about leaving the baby in the woods or somewhere. Someone might drop it while running and... oh fucking God no. Maybe they will leave Rebecca and her baby somewhere and continue the story without her. Idk.
  • According to a bit of research... a non-pregnant woman can produce milk for the baby when taking certain medication...

    Although IMO that'd be weird as shit because the only other females in the group don't look like they'd be willing to do that (Jane or Bonnie) and Clementine sure as hell can't, so that's that...

    So... I think formula would just be the better option in this case (assuming Rebecca will die in child birth) but maybe telltale can shock us and have Rebecca live... which I really doubt...
    • The end of your second paragraph.... Ewwwwwwww!!!

      Edit: You forgot Sarita....and.......Sarah O_O
      • Yeah, not only would it be quite gross and strange if Clementine were to do it... but she really hasn't been through enough of puberty (no offense Clem) to be able to...
      • Oh yeah... have the infected girl breast feed the baby :)
        -Kidding obviously-
        And Sarah??
        She may be 15, but she needs to go through puberty too... and I would know, 'cause i'm a female and went through a similar thing... she's just a late bloomer though, nothing strange about that. I apologize if I made you feel awkward.
        • Nothing makes me feel awkward, people come to me for advice so I've heard of and talked about it all, I feel like Sarah doesn't even know what a breast is though, I'm probably wrong but I just feel like she barely knows anything of that sort, and I feel like Clem might know more from experience with Christa's baby, given it didn't immediately die.
          • She had to have given birth to her baby. most miscarriages happen in the early stage. Christas baby was already greatly developed, if her baby died inside of her, the baby would... "rot" inside of her causing an infection which would kill christa. If the baby didn't turn and eat her from the inside out. Disgusting and sad, I know

            So im certain she had her baby and it died after. I think she had a C-section because when clem is sowing her arm she says something like "remember just like last time, just how christa showed me"

            And the Apocalypse has been going on for what? 3 years. Clem was 8 when it started, now shes 11. sarah is 15 now, so subtract 3 that gives you 12 years old. She had to have knows some stuff. My brother is 12 and he knows a HELL of a lot. More that he's supposed to actually. :/
            • Sarah's innocence is what throws me off, it's that I just can't picture her having a mature conversation like that or discussing things of that nature, and Sarah definitely doesn't seem stable enough to even attempt to go about breastfeeding Rebecca's baby. Clem is gonna be like super girl when Rebecca goes into labor, Clem is gonna know exactly what to do especially if she's previously performed a csection.
              • lol clem would be all serious, like "help me! " you need to do this, and that you need to hold her up! and then the group just be standing there all confused and like "HOW DA HELL does an 11 year old girl know what she's doing with this girl that's in labor?!?! "
            • Clem was almost 9 when it started so its probably 2 1/2 years
        • lol, you probably made the 10 year olds on here awkward.
        • No this doesn't make me feel awkward. and Hey! I'm a 15 year old guy and I feel "ready" LOL. Girls go through puberty quicker than guys too.
  • I do believe that the baby(who shall now be known as Omid Jr.) will live through to the next Season.
  • If the baby lives, it's a good thing we'll have Kenny with us. He's the only one with any experience with babies as far as we know.
  • I actually think it will survive, if not just to be lost to the walkers later to kill Clementine's last shred of hope.
  • The baby dying could be what sends Clementine in a spiraling descent into emotional and psychological instability. Which I believe is what everything that has happened so far this season is building up for.
  • It might be another Lorrie situation (comic- where Rebecca lives as well as the baby but they both die later OR tv show- where Rebecca dies and later so does the baby).

    I feel like Rebecca will die during childbirth but not before naming the baby (or we decide what to name the baby after Rebecca is dead). If the baby lives however I think it will die at the end of the episode or at the start of the last episode :(
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