"We're more alike than you think"...Amid The Ruins, lies evil

I don't really understand what Carver meant when he said this to Clementine. Maybe in Episode 4, we will see are more evil, psychotic Clementine starting to emerge? The EP 4 title card seems to imply her slipping either into insanity or something more darker. Unless, Jane convinces her to rub blood on her face.


  • Maybe Clem will become a villain? Just joking xD.
  • That there leaders, stronger than others and that they think alike.

    Carver does have a point, but at the same time he doesn't. Clem is strong, but not a murder like carver.
  • Then she will wield the saltlicks to destroy villains and protagonists to become the new SALTLICK MASTER!'You sir are clearly on to something but forgot a few details
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    Carver is implying that Clementine has leadership qualities like himself and that she is not a weak follower like the rest of the group.
  • I agree with Ozzy. Carver had a fascination with Clementine because she was a true leader - not a follower like the rest of them (save Luke).
  • As much as I do not want to see a mentally-disturbed Clementine, I think that your choice of whether or not to watch Kenny brutalize Carver should have monumental effects on Clem's state of mind in episode 4.
  • Did anybody get reminded of Lee when Carver was giving his whole alpha-leader speech to Clementine? Lee dropped Ben in my playthrough and the parallels between that and Carver throwing Reggie were disturbing. Carver was like an evolved bad version of what Lee could be turning into.

    And by the end of the episode I nearly agreed with Carver. I stayed and watched Kenny kill him after saying "Just shoot him", and I didn't hesitate to tear into the walker guts and smear myself. Whether its Clementine trying to talk some sense into Sarah or Carver giving the whole group a speech, the overarching theme seems to be that tough is all we got now or else we die.
  • Come on now. If you have an actual opinion to add, then please do so. Amid The Ruins looks like it's going to be a great episode.
  • oh lee we need your urban expertise
  • I would love to see this.
  • I can't believe so many Clementines watched Carver get killed. This is what he wanted you to do, to get dragged down to his level. You let him win!

    "We're more alike than you think" was NOT a good thing. Watching Carver get killed is just the genesis of a new Carver.
  • I don't know.. I have Clem try to talk Kenny out of what he is about to do and then stay when he refuses. Everyone who walks out is still complicit in the murder through their inaction (especially Luke, who could've and should've shot him in the head). You and the entire party are letting him get beat to death, the least you can do is have the decency to look him in the eyes when it happens.
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    Clem has seen a lot of shit happen before her eyes. she was there when Lilly shot Carley, she walked through bloody places where people were cut into pieces to be served as a dinner, she saw a man having his head crushed by a salt-lick, she killed the stranger to save me(in my gameplay at least), she had to shoot the man (in my gameplay at least) who protected her during most of her post-apocalyptical life.

    It's hard to tell man! but Clem has already lost much of her humanity during S01. but she never lost her sense of justice and her love for those who are closest to her. Carver's death really was nothing new to her at all.. That's why Carver saw potential on her. the difference is that Carver uses violence and brutality to impose his motivations and subjugate others. Clem only uses violence to defend herself and to survive in this world. she is not a psychopath.
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    Implying that Carver was talking about how Clem has leadership skills...and how she reminds of him, and that she is not "comfortable with it yet."

    I think that Clementine/Player will be forced to make a decision...that will make us look like something that Carver would've done...

    Like that watch...stole it...knew it was a bad thing...returned it to Nick good thing...I dont even...this game is sometimes screwin' with me...
  • Exactly! I didn't want to give him that final satisfaction before he died that he knows a girl watched his brutal murder!
  • But what if i agree with Carver? And i actually wanted to help him if i could :<
  • Not just leadership skills, but the brutality that Carver feels is needed to survive in the world of TWD. Watching his execution just proves him right.

    But I guess some also lack the imagination to understand they are role-playing a small girl, and would have her acting like their favourite FPS persona if they could.
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    Yeah. It would be crazy if it didn't have effects too. We have to remember that Clem's only 11 years old(I think) and yet seems to have more resilience and intelligence than everyone else in the game. haha
  • Well, to be fair, Ben said that he wanted to die during that scene.
  • he was just saying that clem is a leader that will make the smart choices.
  • And the "smart choice" is to watch him get brutally murdered?

    No, he was suggesting that she has something ruthless in her. And right now 75% of Clementines are leaning that way.
  • Lee: "You are smarter than all of them."

  • That doesn't make it any better.
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    clem: " Don't Go... "
  • Nah man, the episode 4 title card is just some gorked-out acid trip that Eddie sent her on.
  • Yeah but the group makes you fuck him over! :(
  • Clem's a leader and in a way so was carver. Right now she doesn't understand that the group will just pull her down, putting her "In harms way" now there going to an old civil war site which they talked about meeting at "amid the ruins" where she will have to leave the group "no going back". It's be best choice for Clem going forward
  • Shit man I couldn't agree with you more on that. Like Carver says " that girl has seen more than you can imagine" but it doesn't have to change her.
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    Yeah man!! Clem is tough as hell! she can handle this damn world. she has the will of Lee Everett running through her body! :D
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    Maybe Eddie gave her some bad drugs or something instead of food.

    Clem: I want mushroom pizza
    Druggie: Shrooms huh?
  • And then next thing you know, Clementine is doing a rain dance in the middle of a desert surrounded by her spirit animal or some shit, sweating rainbows out of every pore.
  • [Insert Michael Scott's voice here]

    "Noooooooo! Oh God please nooooooo! NOOOOOOOOOO!"
  • You have an awesome point
  • Dropping Ben was one of those "extraordinary mistakes" I made the first time playing I also regretted doing. I didn't bring Clem along, so I never got her great speech. I'll always kick myself for that, but I genuinely dropped him cause of the danger he indirectly posed to the group. Nothing personal.
  • In the short term Clem leaving the group would be for the best, but at the end of the day she is still only 11 years old and cant even fire a rifle without it knocking her on her ass. She shines in season two because she has people watching her back. Remember how helpless she was in the forest by herself. That dog bite would have killed her. She is strong willed and smart but alone she is vulnerable.

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    Watching him die doesn't prove anything. It'll only make Clem stronger.

    It's kinda silly anyway to try and shelter her from this kind of stuff now, after all this time. She's seen much worse before, and she still does every day. My Lee never sugarcoated anything for her, and she did appreciate his honesty back then.

    Carver meant that they are alike in the sense that they are fit to be leaders, and that they aren't afraid of making tough calls. He is right in that, but his way of leading is wrong.

    If Clem can still hold onto her humanity and compassion if she were to grow up, it would be enough to prove Carver wrong.
    While Carver opresses and controls the weak, Clem should seek to protect and work with them. To look after the ones she cares about.

    For example, if Kenny weren't there to kill Carver, he would have come after the group again, this time after blood. He even said he was willing to kill his own kid before letting them escape again. Clem has to understand that someone in the group has to play that role if it means it will be for the best of the ones she cares about. She has to be able to make those tough calls in extreme situations where other people are unable to. If Kenny hadn't been there, and they took up Luke's suggestion to let Carver live, they'd have signed their death sentence.

    That does not mean she will turn out like Carver and start murdering people accusing them of being weak of character for not picking berries the right way...

    In fact, at the moment she IS definitely stronger-willed than Carver. She hasn't let herself go yet.
    Despite all the crap she's gone through in season 1, she still managed to maintain her sense of justice and care for other people.
    She's always been a kind-hearted, brave kid.

  • I agree with you. Kenny did some fucked up shit, but Clem cant afford to be a child anymore. The kids who stay kids die or get people killed. Duck, Ben, Sarah, and even Clem are guilty of that. When her group falls apart she is going to be alone in a world full of cannibals, rapists, and survivors who cant afford to give a fuck about her. My choice to have her watch isnt going to win any morality points, but hopefully it will harden her enough to help her survive when the friends she depends on are gone.

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