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Morals - Non TWD related

posted by Mashiro_Shiina on - last edited - Viewed by 1.7K users
This is just a little situation I was thinking up. It would be nice to see different opinions on the matter and how different people would react.

You are in a hostage situation. The captor is telling you to kill 3 innocent people and each 3 people you kill he will release one of your family. You can choose which member he releases each time. You have 2 kids and a wife/husband. Would you kill all 12 people to get you and your family out of custody?

I personally would kill all 12 because nothing is more important than family. I take great value in my own life also and I'm not willing to give that up to make the 'moral' choice. Could you break your morals for this and your humanity?
  • This is a tough choice but if we had to kill the other hostages could we use saltlicks?
  • id kill the oldest people of the majority to get my kids back. So 6 people. That's it.
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    For me its all or nothing, i would either leave my family or save all of them, i would feel so bad if i only took 1 or 2 and left the other(s) behind, but id probably kill all of them to save my family
  • As much as I may sound like a scumbag, I'd kill all twelve. In my mind, I am way more important than other people, so I'd rather save people that are important to me than random strangers.
  • Let's make it harder.

    Let's say the setting is the same, but, you know who the hostages are. They are: your parents, your numerous siblings (six people together), and other family members you've been close to in the past (uncles, cousins etc).

    The clock is ticking.
    • I'd have to take out the close relatives. With my parents have raised me and I've been brought up alongside my siblings. I would feel immense regret and I might just have to take out the 9 and let my family escape. I don't think I could bring myself to take them out for my own life and selfish needs.
  • Damn this is hard...

    First I would ask my family if it's okay if we all die to save those twelve people. Regardless, if they say no I won't listen, and I hope they would understand my decision. And you said the other hostages are innocent, so I believe that they must be good people correct? But will he torture us later on? Could he continue to do the same thing until only a select few survive? I'm not afraid to die in this situation, and I would sacrifice myself, and my family to save the majority. But there should be another way. If I could I would try to convince the captor, or fight back in any way I can.
    • He's not going to torture anyone. Just a quick bullet to the head. You can't fight back or anything, he's simply given you a gun and you are locked in a room with these people. Once you have done the deed he will let the others that you haven't killed go but will kill you and any family members that you haven't kill for. If you have then he will bag you up and put you in a truck, driving you to a safe location.
      • Ah okay. Well my answer would be the same. Need to save more people. My family members would probably kill the innocent people but I wouldn't. I would tell the family member that had the gun to kill me, to save three. At least I could die saying I saved more then I killed. I'm not proud of my answer, but it's what I think.

        Good thing this will never be a real life scenario. Well I hope it won't...

        Edit: Damn... Look's like I'm the only one!
  • Save my family at the cost of the 12 strangers. Most of them would have done the same in my position.

    Mind you I wouldn't do it lightly and I'd probably never forgive myself, but I'd do it.
    • Seems like the logical thing to do in this situation. I wouldn't hold myself accountable for the actions of a madman. It's not my fault I was in that situation and like you said most people would do the same in your shoes.
  • I'd probably kill the 12 and all 12 of them would probably do the same in my position. It's a general understanding that all human beings have, for the most part. We're not built to be heroes at the expense of people we love.

    However, the 'others' having some children would change things. You always save the kids because they've barely gotten a chance to live.
  • Damn good thinking here Mashiro, this is tough...

    Thought about this for a while- I would probably kill all 12 people to save my family. I figure most likely the 'take me and let my family go' solution wouldn't work. We know nothing about the strangers and also how do we know if all 12 strangers are innocent ya know? Some could be criminals, some could be a person in the wrong place wrong time. Like Raging_Blades said, maybe our kidnapper will torture us and/or the other hostages so killing them COULD be mercy killing?- if the captor will let us go after killing them. *shrugs* Tough situation for sure.
    • Nice thinking. I'm pretty sure that most of us are going to save our families and for good reasons. I can see where you are coming from, it's not easy but family always comes out on top

      You've earned the achievement: Family man.
      • Hehe Thanks. But ya you're right, even if our families aren't the 'best' in the world we will still most likely protect them at any cost. It makes me wonder- if the hostage situation was turned around, you being one of the 12 captives and if it was a random family that had to kill you and the rest of the people- would you want them to kill all of you so they could get out safely or somehow try to save yourself?
        • Of course not but I wouldn't hold it against them. They are just doing what I would of done in that situation and they are looking out for their family which is completely understandable but I wouldn't want to be shot in the efforts of protecting a stranger and his family.
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