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A Rant about Sarah

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So I've been watching Let's Plays to relieve my day-to-day boredom, and so I watched Pewdiepie's play through of Episode 3. I noticed how he, and, of course, a lot of people are being total assdouchebags toward her. And so, to my thesis, SARAH IS MOTHERFUCKING AUTISTIC. How many of you make fun of aspies/autists IRL? Furthermore, I want to clear some of the common BS about Sarah:

BECAUSE SHE'S AUTISTIC DICKWAD. We Aspies tend to be 'annoying' because we can't read social cues that others seem miraculously able to do.

So the solution is to treat her like shit instead of helping her know what to do?

3."She needs to toughen up!"
Oh please. Half of the people who say this are gonna piss their motherfucking pants in a real life ZA. They'll be crying like a little pussy when they have to do the actual hard shit.

4. "No, brah, she has anxiety disorder."
Actually, a part of autism/Aspergers is comorbidity, where in addition to be autistic, you have another disorder like bipolar or anxiety. So the autism part still makes sense even in that aspect.
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