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Mystery solved: Someone close to the murder victim is always the suspect

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So someone close or knew Lily and Faith is the murderers

People close to Lily and Faith:





Prince Lawrence




These are prime victims who know what happened and involved somehow

Here are the prime suspects:

Jersey Devil ( Unknown yet)

Bloody Mary


Crooked Man


Green leaf

Cinderella ( Unknown yet)

Tiny Tim ( Unknown yet but he was the driver of the car Crooked Man was in which makes him a suspect)

The taxi driver ( Seems suspicious in episode 1)

Bigby ( Plot twist Bigby finds out that he's responsible for the crimes in part 5) I think that's why episode 5 is called Cry Wolf

Crane ( possible but unlikely)


Mundy police department cop ( Probably someone on the Mundy police force did it)

The Butcher
  • So basically almost every single character in the game is a suspect for you. Thanks, that will lead us far in this investigation
  • Well, Bigby might be responsible, but probably indirectly. He CAN"T be the killer. The killer has a vendetta against Bigby, so that's the only was he can be held accountable.
  • I'm not sure who this 'Gorge' is but maybe he's the one that did all this...DUN DUN DUN! :0
  • Stupid computer! Post twice!!! XD
  • That's fucking stupid Ben.
  • Episode 5 is called cry wolf because : Gingee guy= cryer= the boy who cried wolf.

    Also, you could have just wrte; Suspects: Everyone.
  • Sorry, double post
  • Nonsense, to this thread titled comment. "Someone close to the murder victim is always the suspect". The blunt statement almost works here when all the fables are from a secret society. They all came from imagination land, knowing each other, and are in the fable records.

    You do realize? 10-20% of murders. Are not committed with any victim being known, to a sociopath or psychopath. Often murder can be opportunity, victim's being within the wrong place at the wrong time, accidental to any occurrence or to circumstance.

    Although that is not the case here. The victim's were obviously known to the killer, when they were used to implicate when making a statement to the fable community. Read all about it, the fairytale herald, "heedless horse, has been murdered".

    I like Mundie theory. A punter who hate fables has been chopping them up, leaving them outside Fable parliament to create a scandal, getting them all evicted. Doesn't work in this game, because they wouldn't stop with hooking.

    Suspects entering into late game are what is known as development to the settings, sure they are all linked to this crime investigation, as everybody in the community has had a part in this tale. The crime investigation murder case has shown many aspects of its investigation to many other linked crimes. Most involvement has been circumstantial proving absolutely nothing when introducing yet another toon.

    However, we really would be watching a video not playing a game, if the killer has only been leaving us poop to find. Then we finally get to unmask the serial shitter, whom was introduced in later episodes.
  • Isn't Bloody Mary the killer? She has the axe after all.
    • Unless you have played episode 4 and there is massive evidence outside of her psychotic circumstances, when holding a potential murder weapon.

      An absurd assumption naming Bloody Mary, which you have likely followed this theory. Episode one, the Tweedles. Episode two, Bluebeard, or vice a verse. Episode three, Bloody Mary.

      There is a lack of evidence supporting Mary. Jokingly on previous threads at the ridiculousness of naming any girl "Bloody". Circumstances: All the Fables mostly have been circumstantial to this case without any real motives. The Crooked Man employs Mary. If Mary was the killer, she would have killed Bigby, game over. Because Mary would have gotten away with murder at the point, proving your theory. You are assuming that Mary is bulletproof? Is that what you are saying, when making that assumption?

      Mary may still might be the killer, but it would be so lame after letting Bigby live. She isn't immune and won't run away after taking Crane.
      • Okay I just asked a simple yes or no question, I didn't ask for an entire essay explaining why my opinion is wrong. That's awesome that you don't believe Mary is the murder. But I do. It's absurd to just dismiss her as the murderer simply because she didn't kill Bigby or she works for CM, as I see it you think she's immune. If I remember correctly she was about to kill Bigby until Snow said stop and told her she could have Crane. At that point Mary looks to CM to see if that's alright, and CM accepted. After all they came for Crane in the first place, not to kill Bigby.

        Mary could still be the murderer, but it's up to CM who she kills and when she kills. He could be the orchestrating everything. There's evidence supporting the axe as the murder weapon. Episode 1 Bigby said something either very sharp or something with magic attached to it had cut off Fath's head. Then later you find that the axe was blessed by a Druid. Now the axe is in Mary's possession, and when she was about to kill Bigby she was going for his head, just like every murder victim.
      • Finally bobit got banned

  • Thank you for this insightful thread.
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