Theory about Kenny's beard

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Alright, so after Kenny escaped he decided he needed more Strength and HP to battle all dem zambies out there in the world, he searched everywhere searching for something to drain the power out of. He eventually stumbled across the jewelry store and found Lee's dead body.

At first he wanted to leave it at peace but then he remembered, Lee has the power of the pimp hand. Kenny then started passionately making out with Lee's belly button. After that passionate kiss Lee's body started to dissolve, and all that dust started spinning around Kenny morphing into a majestic beard.

Then Kenny had gained the pimp band, half beard/hand. Inside of the beard is the urban pimp hand that will only release when someone he loves is in true danger. I believe in episode four either Sarita or Clem will be put into a highly dangerous situation and then the pimp hand will come out and save everyone, it will even bring Ben back to live and then slap him and kill him again.

There has been my theory about Kenny's beard.


  • Kenny's stache evolved. Nothing else.
  • That's what originally happened, but he pressed B during the evolution because he wanted to make sure it evolves in an even cooler way.

    Kenny's stache evolved. Nothing else.

  • That's a powerful beard imagine me with a beard like that....
  • Only the urban pimp hand can stop the apocalypses...
  • Kenny was using the Kenneth class.

    He was Kenneth Level 2 in season 1, now he leveled up after getting lucky and became a Kenneth Level 3. His HP points would be 100 (That should be the average HP points for the average character). Now let's move on to beard. When he was A Kenneth Level 2, his stache granted him +20 HP, while his beard now grants him +50. He is becoming more and more powerful. Do you really think a Kenneth Level 2 would have survived Carver's walkie hits of doom? Nah, the beard truly saved his life.
  • Chuck Norris' zombified fist lies in wait underneath Kenny's beard, striking out with lethal force at anyone with scissors or a razor.
  • Kenny's beard level has reached over 9000!!!!!
  • On his own, without a razor, Kenny's beard just naturally grew out.
    Nothing more nothing less.
  • I thought the DLC for season 2 would showcase how Kenny grew his beard.

    (?)Hit the Q/A/X button to grow your beard.
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