• lol, I don't think she's going to go blind without her glasses. Shes not velma from Scooby-Doo.
  • I think Sarah was just wearing those glasses for the style. It's to take away from ceasing to function. That's cold girl...
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    She's going to evolve into Hipster Sarah.
  • I don't think losing her glasses is going to cripple Sarah that much, but the glasses are acting as a symbol for what Sarah has actually lost. She had been shielded from the world around her, assisted by her father and friends, but now, she is seeing the world as it is, without some glasses from her father to guide her. Unfortunately, without that help, she may indeed struggle to live in this world of death, she may, in fact, struggle to accept the distorted reality of this apocalyptic world.
  • There's that rose-colored glasses analogy to signify her innocence being lost, but if Sarah wore glasses all the time, then that means she does have bad vision. I think if Clem finds her again she'll be silent and emotionless for most of the game. But then again, she's shown signs of being suicidal when she jokingly pointed a gun at her head and pulled the trigger in EP2 or later when she walked to the building ledge in EP3. It's hard to say what TellTale will do with her character.
    • That's not what she did when I taught her. When I taught her how to shoot, she pointed the gun right at me asking "what should I shoot?" What specific advice did you choose when playing as Lee teaching Clem to shoot? I think that may affect what she does.

      As for walking to the ledge, I think she was just having a minute, like Kenny in S1 EP5. Maybe thinking about her mom, or other family? It's clear that when someone does get pushed off the roof and dies, she changes her mind to DO NOT WANT. At least as far as the method, anyway.
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