• Kenny because he has a powerful beard.

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    For me its Kenny, because of all the history that him and Clem have, and with Luke, I feel as if I don't know him all that well.
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  • I'm probably going to end up pausing my game for hours if this comes up. I'd go with the one that I think would be better for Clem's safety...but both have their merits, I guess. Luke thinks things through a lot more, but Kenny is more the type who would fight tooth and nail until death to protect his family, even if it causes him to do some stupid things.

    Damnit, where's the hidden Christa option?
    • Haha thats what I was thinking too! Im going to have to maybe turn off the xbox and have a good 2 hour walk, thinking about it. I'm probably going to do a good amount of crying . . . Already bracing with buying boxes and boxes of tissues.

      I thought that too, Luke's a bit more cautious, and Kenny has always been rash. Both have admirable traits as leaders and protectors for Clem, but it doesn't make it any easier that we might have to choose one over the others...

      I'm hoping for a, *Sad puppy eyes* we all stay together!!
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    I think I would pick Kenny. I know Kenny is a very rash person who never fully thinks things through, but if it came down to a life/death situation I know Kenny would have our backs and kill any living or dead thing in his way to get to us. Luke would...get caught stealing food, idk.

    Jk, in all seriousness, we've never seen Luke kill any human. He wasn't even willing to kill Carver. I know he's trying to be humane, but that's dangerous. Especially with a guy like Carver.

    Plus, Kenny's like a powerhouse. He was gut shot by a rifle at close range, survived, and walked away from it. He got his eye smashed in, survived, and walked away from it. That eye beating was one of the worst injuries in the game so far, and he survived.

    So, yeah. Life or death, pizza or ice cream? Kenny.
  • Kenny definitely. Luke is nice and all, but we've known Kenny longer and he would be much more protective of Clem than Luke would (Mainly because he's already had a kid).
  • I don't trully trust Luke, yet. Soooooo, Kenny
  • Kenny lost an eye for Clem.. I sat with Luke and everything, but its Kenny all day for now on.
    • Yeah, hope he makes it through it... Don't know if having a basically 'dead' eye will somehow spread the infection through your whole body. Just something me and my sis were talking about. But I know other characters don't have an eye, but is it because they had it removed? Or can an eye be lost and the person still live? I'm not sure about it, but if anyone is I would like to know.
  • I hope that I don't have to make that decision.
    • Same here. But with how many tough choices we've been forced to make in the past, I see this as very likely. The damn title card for this next episode seems to hint at it, with the way Clem is in the middle between what looks like two groups of people. The blood on her cheeks like tears...
  • I care about both of them and in an ideal world, they both would live, but in the actual mean-ass world of TWD, I have to go with Luke. For several reasons, that I'm sure will net me some downvotes:

    -Although I appreciated his character being well-written and compelling, in S1 as Lee, Kenny pissed me off repeatedly. I also didn't feel any particular connection between him and Clementine.
    -While I've enjoyed having him in S2, I honestly would've been fine if Kenny had died in Savannah, his arc to me was very satisfactorily wrapped up in S1 and he would've gone out in a heroic blaze of glory, in contrast to Luke who is full of as of yet largely untapped potential, development-wise.
    -In the very hostile world of S2E1, I really felt the beginnings of a real bond between Clementine and Luke, and him not only standing up for her, but taking time to get to know her and her past, meant a lot to me.
    -Luke and Clementine's interactions in E2 further cemented me as a fan. I appreciated the way he related to her, having her back if she needed him and not wanting her to be too reckless, but also seeing her as valuable and competent, and not underestimating her. They also have a very sibling-like way of bantering that's endearing.
    -Although I sat with Kenny to catch up and liked the feeling of temporarily going back to S1, I think in general, Kenny represents the past to me while Luke represents the future. Kenny wants to be a father-figure to Clem, but in my mind, she doesn't need one anymore, nor do I think Kenny's infamous aversion to being disagreed with would be the best match with a Clementine that is maturing and figuring out who she is and wants to be. I like that the relationship with Luke is on more of a level playing field, and more like partners or siblings, if one wants to put a familial spin on it, and that Luke takes a more calm, considering approach to the world.
    -Also, I play a Clem with a bit of a dark side, and I like the idea of Luke being there to temper that aspect of her, and not let her completely give in to it. The idea of a Kenny and Clem enabling each other to be reckless and impulsive, unchecked, doesn't bode well for either of their long-term mental or physical well-beings, imo.

    So...yeah, Luke.
    • I want them to both live so damn much!! Losing either one is going to be heartbreaking to me personally.

      Hey, if anyone down votes its because they don't agree with you views, and that doesn't mean that the points you raised are wrong! :) (And I gave you a thumbs up!)

      I like how you say that about Kenny and Luke representing the past and the future, respectively. I think that's very true.

      I also play a Clem who's a bit more dark and gritty. And the choice of who to sit with, Luke or Kenny, to me Kenny made more sense because you hadn't seen him in forever. And that didn't mean you didn't WANT to sit with Luke, but it's nice that either way the other party will come to Clem's side later in the meal. (The sad puppy face Luke gives you is just . . . UGH FEELS-)

      I've beat season 1 twice. In one Kenny was my bro the first time, the second time he got mad and never let me live down that I choose to save Shawn and not Duck. And then he wouldn't come with my to find Clem at first, it made me mad. D:<

      So conflicted, I see the argument for both sides, but ultimately I'll feel better about my decision by the time it comes in Episode 4. I think we will have a bit more time to make this choice, if it happens. Unless, God forbid that the choice must be made up front in the beginning of the episode... in which case I will just throw my controller our the window, and walk away for a day or two...
      • Aww, thanks for the like! That table choice was seriously one of the standout moments of the season to me and very ingenious. No life or death stakes, but dayum, it was hard. I agree Kenny made more sense considering the circumstances and I was like it's okay, Luke will understand but then his face was like...aww, man, why, no, STOP.

        Yeah, I have my issues a-plenty with Kenny, but I know when it comes down to it, it'll be hard to see him go. I do think some more time with the characters, Luke especially, will help shape a clearer decision for you, and it'll probably be a big, epic concluding choice for us to make. Although, I could see TellTale really twisting the emotional knife by making it an early decision, forcing us to play through our tears the rest of the episode, lol.
        • I had watched Pewdiepie play that scene before I played any of the games for myself, and even though I knew it was coming as far back as playing through season one, choosing between Luke and Kenny was terrible. I love Kenny, but . . . Luke . . . those eyes! D,: And the adorably awkward things he does . . .

          If it's like a choice between leaving Luke and Nick and whoever else might still be out there or running off with Kenny and the remaining survivors, I will wait it out for Luke and the others. But if the decision is at the end, it will be a heart wrenching decision. D:
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