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Vanella Visa gift card

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I am using a vanilla visa gift card and it keeps asking me for the cvv. I enter it and it says it is wrong. I contacted visa and said i need to contact you. What do I do?
EDIT:Item was season 2 case file
25$ gift card
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  • I'm not sure if gift cards work in our store like regular cards. If you try again while logged into your Telltale account, we'll then have a record of the transaction and might be able to tell why it failed, but I can't guarantee we'll be able to figure this out.

    Can gift cards be linked up to PayPal? If yes, you could go that route to place your order.
  • According to our processor, the order was declined by the issuing bank because of a CV2 failure. That means there's nothing we can do about it, unfortunately, Visa or whoever issued the gift card will have to look into it for you. I know they already pointed you at us, but as the merchant it's out of our reach.
  • Visa said I need my name and address on there;and to contact you
    Will that info fix it?
  • By "On there" do you mean the authorization request? If so, they're on there as with all credit card auth requests.

    Again, though, I don't know why they keep directing you back to us. They're the ones rejecting the auth because of an invalid CV2 code. We just pass the CV2 code to Visa (along with all your other billing info) and they come back with either a DECLINE or an ACCEPT. In this case, they're coming back with DECLINE, and there's no way we can bypass that.
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