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Yes, that's right, ANOTHER silly adventure

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So I really loved 16_BIT_MARIO1's idea for that "Silly Adventure" RPG thing he has, so I asked him if I could borrow it, and he said yes. He even said I could quote his rules and stuff. My idea is a little different. The written scenes will be more detailed, however, there will not be as many pictures. (Actually, for now, there will be only one picture, and that is of the main character, because I'm a terrible artist)
Here are the rules.
I will write about the main character, but YOU get to decide what she does. You respond by posting ">[Command]", or it won't be counted as her doing it. Any commands like ">die lol" will be ignored. You can look at stuff, pick stuff up, listen to stuff, and impale stuff on any huge spiky objects you find. The goal will be revealed in time. Got it? Okay!
Here's Sarah.
She's 14, and it's summer break. (She only has a backpack because that's how I drew her).
Right now, she is at the park. She's bored and there's nothing to do... yet. But then someone screams...
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