• The first one, I couldn't understand that neither, why hurt Colin?
    Second one, yes, I think many players didn't take the money or they were pissed that he refused it the first time.
    To the third, 26% - I guess - lit a cigarette, which is IMO a much cooler way to piss of the Crooked Man.

    • Yes, I lit the cigarette because /sassy smoking Bigby is a huge theme of every episode/ and was surprised it was a smaller percentage, haha.

    • yeah, way cooler to light a cigarette than get angry

      • I chose not to send Collin to the farm and told him that Snow would forget about it. Giving Toad the money, in my opinion, was the best way to handle that situation. It satisfied him and got him out of our hair. As for the last choice: Bigby lighting a cigarette is always soooo badass!

    • That's what I did, lit a smoke and decided to listen to what this freak has to say before I start kicking his head in. It also helps that he has quite a bit of people in the room too, so I decided to play it cool for the time being.

  • I manage to chose everything that was opposite to most of the players. I too dont understand why people chose Snow over Colin (maybe they just wana be on her good side :wink:). I really like Colin and wanted to spend more time him (if you read the comic you'll understand).

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    As for Colin? I stayed a loyal friend and I'm letting him stay.

    I gave the money to Toad.

    As for The Crooked Man choice? The scene is way more grade-A badass if you let Bigby smoke instead. It cuts to black just as he hits the lighter, just like the very first episode. Was my favourite part of the episode actually.

  • I told Colin I would talk to Snow on his behalf. It's not quite going behind Snow's back... Snow and Bigby are a team, I trust they can reach an understanding.

    I lit a cigarette. It feels like what Bigby would do, and puts him in control of the confrontation. He's not going to be rushed for anybody.

  • Yeah, Colin was defending me from Snow so I had his back. I agreed with everything he was saying and I didn't make him go to the farm. Snow didn't seem to understand that if Bigby went in with a "handicap" as Colin put it, he'd die.

    As for Toad I gave him the money in a heartbeat. I went to the Butcher's first so I didn't run into him at the Pawn Shop, but giving him the money was a no-brainer. I've always liked him and seeing him make that little jump after getting the money made me laugh.

    Now the final choice. I was extremely pissed at the Crooked Man. After discovering his little "operation" in the back of the Butcher's I decided that I'd kill him, Mary, and everyone else who knew what was going on which is, at this point, everyone in the room with him at the end. I didn't feel the need to threaten him because I was just going to eviserate him and everyone in his posse, so I lit a cigarette to psych myself up for it instead. And lighting the cigarette is extremely badass.

    • Snow saved Bigby while Colin was eating Chinese food. And the real Bigby sent Colin, Toad, and Toad Jr to the farm. Toad ends up regaining his prestige at the Farm (he dropped in rank from a ruler of a city to the owner of a shitty apartment). And remember that Dee threatened to kill his son, and word travels fast. The best option is to protect Toad's son by sending them to the Farm. Colin still will end up coming back to Bigby's apartment plenty of times. A smoke before blowing everyone away is the best ending though.

      • I suppose it would be the smarter thing to send them to the farm, but Colin had my back while Snow was giving me crap about killing Dum and was in support of me doing what I would need to do in order to stop TCM. And I've really warmed up to Toad since Episode 1, and I had some perfectly good money just sitting in my pocket going unspent, so I thought "what the heck, take it you little rascal." And yeah, having a smoke before throwing down is just awesome. Perfect for Bigby, I feel.

        • Why did you kill Dum when it's Dee that gives you shit, and Dum is a bit kinder. You know that Toad Jr. can get killed if they stay at the apartment and Crane saw Toad tell you about the Tweedles, right? Toad will get over with being at the Farm, but wouldn't get over losing his only son, and he didn't have a son in his original story.

          • I killed Dum because I'd had enough of the Tweedles screwing me over. I would have killed Dee too if I'd been given the chance because those two were far more trouble than they were worth. They shot Bigby, Holly, and Gren during Lily's funeral so that's three counts of attempted murder. Then they showed up outside the Pudding and Pie to take Crane out of Fabletown custody and once again attempted to murder Bigby, the Sheriff of Fabletown. That's not even getting into the poking around at crime scenes and messing with things as well as, as you said, threatening to kill TJ in Episode 1. If they'd surrendered then Dum would be alive, but they kept shooting. I gave them plenty of chances to knock it off even before that point but they kept pushing me. I don't really regret it. As for Toad, it's his choice if he wants to go to the Farm. He knows the risks if he stays, but I doubt that the Tweedles (or, in my game, Tweedle) will go out of their way to exact revenge on a child when Bigby is closing in on their boss.

            • I didn't say the Tweedles would exact revenge, I said Bloody Mary. Bigby is the protector of Fabletown, and how would you protect Toad, knowing that Bloody Mary could have found out about him telling you that the Tweedles ransacked the apartment? The Farm has no reflective surfaces, while Toad's apartment does. Bloody Mary doesn't care if Bigby is after her boss, just like she didn't care if Dum died.

              • Wouldn't it be too late either way to save Toad and his son? Because even if you do send him to the farm are they going to leave that very same day and not a week or two later? Plenty of time for Bloody Mary to kill em both.

                • They always leave late at night, so after midnight and before 6 AM. Snow could also get worried that something might go wrong and smash every mirror at Toad's place, saving them.

          • Dum is worse than Dee. Dee just talks a lot. While Dee is just casing apartments, Dum is out there punching Bigby and abusing Toad Junior.

            • Who did you arrest? Because from your words it seems like you arrested Woody, or you didn't beat up Dee. If you burned, smashed, and beat Dee Toad says "I would have slapped Dee, after what he put me through". Dee abused TJ while Dum was ransacking Woody's place.

              • Dee was searching Faith's apartment while Dum was at Toad's.

                • Oh, and I asked Dee the Toad's apartment question and he admitted that he was there, sorry that a confession rejects any other possibilities.

                  • Obviously he isn't gonna rat out his brother. Replaying the game shows that they split up, explaining how they can be in two places at once. (Toad's and Faith's)

                    • He wouldn't rat out his brother nor incriminate himself which taking the fall is. They are never at 2 places at one time. He said that they split up after seeing you. Dum went upstairs while Dee went downstairs, Dum is the driver so he waited in a car till Dee returns. Not finding what they want and depending on your choices Dee could also be shot towards. It's puzzling to say the least.

  • Hold up! You can actually give the money to Toad then and there? How do I do this? I specifically knicked the cash for just such an occasion.

  • Except he's not likable at all, which is why i didn't give him the money and sent him to the farm. I also hated that he stole Faith's cloak and didn't give it to Lawrence, who is alive in my playthrough.

    More importantly, Bigby already warned Toad several times and like Bigby said, if he has money to buy a car, he can buy glamour.

    Besides, the comics show that he eventually moves back to the farm anyway.

  • Snow is not a bitch just because she's in a position of power. Yeah yeah, I know you'll say that wahh poor colin but no, the rules are there for a reason, snow was clearly upset by what happened to bigby and she doesn't want more trouble. So she gives her opinion that they should be sent to the farm, perfectly legitimate even if I don't agree with it. You're just mad that she presents herself strongly and not in deference to your penis.

    As for me, I tried to protect the unglamoured fables and I prepared to talk with the crooked man. As it was there were 3 other fables in the room, we were in the crooked lair with no idea how to get out (the door disappeared as we came in) so I decided it would be best to hear out what he had to say before beating his crooked head in and dragging him off to snow.

    • Nah, I'm a girl who plays WAU and I love strong female characters and I think females should have far more representation in video games. With that being said Snow was still being a bit of a bitch, yes she's trying to enforce rules but casting out fables at a time like this when everything is so disjointed just seems cruel. If fabletown is in such a mess I can't imagine the Farm being in order, she should look to managing out feeble issues after the bigger problems are dealt with. Her disregarding Colin and treating him like dirt who needs to be sent away (when she knows he's a friend of Bigby's) was not on, it's easy for her to send them away when she doesn't have to worry about glamours in the first place. Who even said that that rule was the right one to be in place to begin with? There are lot of things wrong with the fabletown government/policies and could be one of then. And that's got nothing to do with her gender because if a male character was saying the same stuff Snow was I'd think he was being a right prick and would disagree with him too.

  • Hell yeah I helped Colin and Toad! I stuck up for Colin, and was bent on sending Toad to the farm, but I thought about it, and maybe I can somehow keep Toad inside at all times like Colin. So I let him slide.

    As for the final conversation. I said we can talk, which was also a low percentage that I can't remember. Wasn't trying to be suave, I still need answers.

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