• Beast was a duechebag in this episode.

    • Yeah, exactly. But he was a douche in previous episodes as well. No matter how you deal with him, he just thinks it's cool to grind Bigby's gears.

      Anyway, if I'm given the choice to "punish" the couple in the finale, I will take it. I'll do this to pretty much everyone. No one really helps until I "push it". I was really violent this episode. God so sick of their shit. I know how to pay them back, if and only if the developers let me.

  • I really didn't appreciate the hostile tone that Beast was giving me when all I wanted to do was help him and Beauty.

    He was a right penis in this episode.

  • beauty was a complete bitch to me when i was just trying to help her, WHY U HALF TO BE SO MEAN 2 ME?!?!?

  • I don't know, i kinda pity them i mean they just want to feel happy in hard life.

  • When I found out that they used the loan money just to ritz up their apartment I got a little angry with them. That's a stupid way to use the money they took and it just makes it look so much worse when the rest of Fabletown is in dire straights.

    • I assumed they already had all that stuff, and Bigby's consternation was that they hadn't thought of selling any of their luxuries before taking out a crooked loan.

      I'm pretty sure they didn't actually get the loan just to buy luxury items. That would be ridiculous.

  • Yeah. I never actually liked them..so......

  • From the moment Beauty first asked to lie for her, I knew they were both trouble. Now in EP4, they're completely conceited(is that the word?). But I liked how they both implicated Bigby to deal with the Crooked Man. They share the same evil desires. haha

  • Yeah, I was not pleased with them. Getting into debt with loan sharks because you don't want to cut back is really stupid. I get that they used to be royalty, but based on the comics, I also know that the Fabletown community has been in New York since it was a colony. I'm pretty certain they've had more than enough time to learn how to at least get by without a chandelier.

  • Well it all depends on what you said to them in the first episode...i sided with beast and beast was cool with me in this episode, while beauty i swear to god she wanted me dead.

  • Yeah, they disappointed me this episode. Really dumb of them to get themselves into debt in order to support a lifestyle that they can't afford, just because of what their lives used to be like. Still, I wouldn't say I hate them, but I guess you could say that I lost a lot of respect for them in this episode.

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