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Why did you guys think it was such a bad episode?

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I personally thought it was a good episode despite the length of it

  • I liked it too. For some reason, I also enjoyed hearing Larry's voice again for Johan the butcher.

  • Larry from TWD? I didn't even notice! Lol although I don't think the episode deserved the bad ratings that it got.

  • This was actually my favourite episode :)

  • I thought it was pretty good. I'm guessing some of the hate is coming from the ending.

  • How it ended was supercool. Simply a cliffhanger.

    What I actually hated was the length as well as lack of story progression, but if we look on the other side, it's not that of a bad episode, because it literally summarized the end is near (Bigby met all of them with the Crooked Man as well. They know about Crane, that he's about to leave, and they'll have to rush to get him - which forces them to face Bloody Mary. etc etc). It created an excitement for me, and I'm sure for many others, however TTG could have divided and well-done all of that for a better episode.

    It's a good episode, but disappointing a bit nonetheless.

  • I enjoyed it a great deal, but I think it was way too short. It did answer a few questions, but I finished it in about 75 minutes or so.

  • i hated not being able to hit georgie again

  • It was too short for most, though I understood that they needed to get us to the crooked man, I wish they would have added it so that when you go to the first place, they send you to the second, and when you go to the second, they send you to a third place where you have to say.... fight Tweedle Dee and get the shard.

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