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... fuckin' awesome! I can't believe how some users were mad about length of the episode. Yeah, okay, I do get it: "Another 1-2 months to see Bigby kill the Crooked Man?! KKKKHHHHHAAAANNN!". The point is, that ending was epic and it was perfectly used to build suspense for the last TWAU. I personally lit a cigarette and was kind of surprise when so little did. I guess threats were more of the norm. Anyway, TellTale? Ya'll did the damn thing with this series. Keep up with that badass storytelling.

There were a dozen identical opinion threads floating around after ep4 released, so I merged them... which will undoubtedly help Telltale officials to scan and evaluate your opinions as well. Carry on with the discussion in this thread.



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    ###Thread: Ep4. Very disappointing (spoiler free)


    It was way too short (shorter than any episode so far... not much more than an hour long),

    had next to no action (they even spoiled who we were going to fight in the Twitter)

    and a very anti-climatic ending (we just get to see someone everyone who had seen the leaked models already had seen, and got to confirm who we already knew were working under him... and that's it).

    Felt like a filler episode. It's just there to set up for the final episode, and doesn't even do a good job at it. There isn't even much replay value... no important decisions. Come on, just once again a "where to go first" choice? With 2 options... And it doesn't seem to do much difference (I still have to replay to pick the other choice). Maybe other small choices will have some consequence in the final episode but for now it really doesn't feel like it.

    After episode 3, I think we were all expecting more from Telltale, and to me it failed to deliver. Maybe the only good thing about ep.4 was that we didn't had to wait much for it. And how disappointing they knew we would be was probably the reason they didn't hold it from us. What a shame. :-(
  • Telltale don't care anymore they want to finish up the wolf among us and walking dead and focus on their next projects, looks like the day when episodes were 2.5-3 hrs long are over and we should exoect 1 hour episodes. This episode was the worst episode of the season, I feel very disappointed and let down by them.
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    Damn! Wolf Among Us was on a roll till the lastest episode :(. We wait 1 month for 1 hour of gameplay :scratch head:.... I just hope they get rid of the stupid monthly release with their next project and release the full game (Impossible dream, I know).
  • I've played TWD (loved season 1, am a little disappointed with season 2 so far but I'm still enjoying it), Monkey Island and all Sam&Max seasons (am a fan since the original DOS titles), and also tried out Law&Order and Jurassic Park (my favorite childhood movie) but couldn't get into the last two... and I can tell without any doubt that TWAU's ep.4 was their worse job so far. I just hope they can fix it in the final episode. I was in love with TWAU unlike any other game in a long time... now I'm heart-broken. :´(
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    Yeah, I just played it (well I didn't actually play it, I watched a youtube walktrouhg of it. I couldn't help my self) and I'm dissapointed :(

    Why can't you telltale just listen to us? I don't want thousands of games that are only fucking 10 minutes long.
    Even a one game is good to me, if I can really enjoy it. Telltale doesn't focus so much anymore, the walking dead season 2 is so rushed and I don't care about it so much anymore. Now it seems like the same happened to the wolf among us and it really sucks :(
  • Has episode 4 released ?
  • It's not their fault you people decided to leak the models. Seriously.
  • I love the series, but tbh, Episode 4 was just indeed such a filler. Sure, we had a few new characters, but Jersey didn't need to be introduced. And it's like they just kept making everybody's lips sealed. They either couldn't say anything or didn't know anything.
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    Jersey is a clerk in lucky pawn, I think it's a pretty good reason to introduce him.

    Also we don't know if he plays a role in episode 5.

    In my opinion the Jersey devil was the coolest thing in this episode.
  • awwwwww man
    what was specifically wrong with it?
  • Damn good thing I stayed off the forums because I have no idea what the fuck they are talking about. :)
  • Wait what models are you talking about except for the one we saw in the trailer? And when were tey even leaked?
  • I want to replay it, explore all the options before starting a discussion with spoilers. If you really want to know, there already are full youtube playthroughs up.
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    True but, first of all, leaving the files to be leaked was indeed their fault (there have been Telltale model's extractors out for a long time), and since they knew important models leaked they shouldn't have saved "you know who's" image expecting for it to make a big impression, specially for an episode ending... and such a weak episode to make it worse.
  • Dude stay off the forums if this a spoiler. Place it in a forum with the tags SPOILERS
  • And, sorry for the spoiler but... considering what a push over he was it more than proves that the episode sucked.
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    Sorry I forgot
  • Is it worth buying?
  • But he's in the episode 5 preview, so we don't know his full role yet.

    Introducing a character doesn't mean the episode sucks, I think telltale meant it to be just "a cool thing" in this episode.
  • I meant that he being the "cool thing" of the episode and he not being so cool at all proves how disappointing the episode was. Simple as that.
  • Eh episode 2 was a filler and i still loved it. These episodes are like my children i love them all
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    ###Thread: EP4 One Hour of Complete Trash


    Remember when EP1, came out. The Wolf threw the axeman through a window. He landed on a car breaking it on impact. You were likely thinking bad ass! though EP4. Many people raised it as delivering sooner then expected.

    Yet its barely, and I mean BARELY, one hour of Game Play. So we wait 2 and half months. They run out of ideas, they re-hash ideas already been told. I understand you want to write Game Of Thrones, script. Part of what made your company so unique that the games didn't suck.

    You took the time to do hubs, with puzzle. Char progression, now it seems like your rushing content for sake of getting it out faster, whats the matter need another PRE ORDER six months in advance to start to the next projecct.

    It sucks, you have a great machine. You are good at telling dramas. Hell all the personality's, names and people are spelled out for you. Yea you still manage to make a one hour show seem boring and repeated.

    Please fix this quality of content, even if you have fire someone. This EP4 sucked.

    Thank you.
  • It sure was a big drop on Telltale's standards. A shame.
  • Yeah. Same thing is happening with TWD.
    Its such a shame.
  • telltale loses his job
  • HiroVoidHiroVoid Moderator
    For every internet person looking for a leak, there's many, many more people who have never seen it.
  • The finale could be only 30 mins at this rate are telltale trolling us or something?
  • Eh i liked it
  • I don't understand how everyone says ep 2 was filler, you found out and made some really important and fun choices.
  • Was it just me or was the writing not very good? Some of the conversations were a bit dodgy... Idk maybe just me?
  • можно ссылку на прохождение?
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    Okay first I was pretty disappointed, but I stopped to think and took little deeper look into the episode and I Realized it wasn't that bad after all. Actually I'm gonna give 7,5/10 to it.

    It seems that many people didn't like the episode because there wasn't much of Action scenes and it was fucking short.
    Yeah the lenght of the episode was very disappointing, but seriously, do you play this game because of Action scenes??

    The story is the main thing and it's still good.
    In my opinion, episode 4 was a pretty good set up for (I hope) the epic final.

    It's true they rushed the episode, but it wasn't that bad after all.

    I know I'm gonna get a full load of dislikes, but I don't give a cheese, hit dat thumbs down button if you want.
    I said what was n my heart and I'm happy now.
  • couldn't agree more have a like
  • We are the victims. They are to blame for doing a lousy job hiding their mysteries. Working/studying publicity and production makes me see things that way.
  • Thanks bro :)

    You can have my like too.
  • Agree, being a filler isn't a problem if the content is good. I liked ep.2 a lot, and not just for Nerissa's tits, lol.
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    I was defending telltale, but enough is enough.

    This episode is a huge disappointment, nothing interesting happened, and it's VERY short.
    1 hour and 10 minutes. What the hell telltale? i can somehow stand short time if episode is good and interesting, but it was fucking boring.

    Get your shit together and stop rushing TWAU and TWD episodes. Tales-from-the-no-one-cares-about-land can wait.
  • Maybe fans shouldn't be seeking out all this background info and just enjoy the game.
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