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Wolf Among Us - Episode 5: Cry Wolf

Release Date Discussion

Release Dates

  • PC/Mac (Telltale Store and Steam) - July 8th, 2014
  • PlayStation Network (North America) - July 8th, 2014
  • PlayStation Network (EU) - July 9th, 2014
  • Xbox 360 (Worldwide) - July 9th, 2014
  • iOS App Store - July 10, 2014
  • Kindle Fire/Fire TV- October 3, 2014
  • Android - October 30, 2014
  • PlayStation Vita, PlayStation 4, Xbox One (North America) - November 4, 2014
  • PlayStation Vita, PlayStation 4, Xbox One (EU) - November 7, 2014

The Wolf is Coming

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    if telltale haven't announced it on here/facebook/twitter don't believe it.
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    [Reserved post for a possible experiment I may have later...]

    Edit: I explained the purpose of this below if you all are still curious about this.

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    I should probably moan about the fact that we have to wait 1.5-2 months, but it is the season finale - it makes me kind of sad that TWAU is coming to and end. Then again, I still hope that we will see Season 2 someday.

    I would normally predict the release date around 8-9 July, but given how fast we got Episode 4, I wouldn't be surprised if we will get it in June :)

  • And so it begins...

  • Personally, I want Telltale to take there sweet time with the finale. I want it to end with a bang! I'm sure that I, along with everyone else can be patient. Seeing that this episode was apparently the shortest, I want TT to flesh out EVERYTHING they've got and give us a satisfying ending. Please Telltale!

  • anyone else notice how the 4th episode in TTG series is always the "weakest" entry?

    I thought episode 4 was good but I really hope episode 5 ends it with a bang.

  • The finale definitely has a ton on its plate. Telltale has basically put all of its cards in Episode 5 resolving all of the plot conflicts encountered so far in the series. It's a tall order they've set themselves up for...if Episode 5 ends up being another 90 minute episode that feels rushed and half-hearted, I think this place is going to riot.

  • The very last episode now. Please Telltale, more than 90 minutes, just a 100 is fine by me.

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    The last episode of the game....

  • Yeah man I don't want to farewell Bigby :(

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    We're all waiting for the finale! With our hands on our hearts! While looking up in the sky...- well fuck that.

    I foresee a great episode, and therefore TTG, please don't disappoint us, because we don't want such great series to depart us without a nice goodbye. Take more than two months, just throw a great episode, as we're all expecting a great time.

    well i want another season so HAIL!

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    Wolf has easily been one of my favorite series.

    I'm super excited for the finale!

  • Telltale, please don't rush this, a rushed game is always a rushed game.

  • Discussions about release dates are a bit too fas put in forum.From now on I know I will spend here a lot of time

  • I really hope it comes out sooner rather than later.

    The suspense is already killing me :(

  • After i played episode 4 i wasn't dying to play episode 5 how i was at The Walking Dead Episode 3

  • I really hope the last episode will have a cliffhanger ending, or maybe an after credits scene just like in the first season of TWD. We need Season 2, BITCH!!

  • I don't even care how long we have to wait at this point, with this being the final episode they realllllly need to put more care into it.

  • Oh ho..... An experiment..... Muwahahahahahaah.

  • Geez didn't realize my opinion would be so hated

  • I don't want it to end :/

  • Sad knowing the end is so near. :( This kept me entertained when I SHOULD HAVE been doing homework! XD

  • I really hope this episode is longer than 90 minutes.
    They have ALOT to wrap up...

  • Seriously if this episode is not released on Playstation 3 in Europe a week before everyone else then Telltale has lost a customer. I tired of being treated as a second-class customer

  • I'm both scared and excited for this.

  • I can't stand waiting for episode 5. But I need a second season. Life without Bigby ? Meaningless...

  • I'm with you on the homework part xD bad time to start on a game like this in the middle of exams :P

  • I hope Telltale puts all their utmost effort into the final episode. I thought almost every episode (except 2), was great. If there are going to be delays because they actually want to work hard on it, then hell I'm all for it. We don't want anything rushed, or bullshitted in. Please Telltale, don't disappoint us! We are counting on you guys!

  • i agree with you chuck because they are make 2 game at same time and it will damage the both game the walking dead and the wolf among us

  • i hope they release it soon

  • I just finished E4, and I have NO idea how they're going to fit everything into the last episode.

  • I was so sad when episode 4 came to an end. I NEED the finale. I can't wait to see how telltale plans to conclude this series/ hopefully season 1 of The Wolf Among Us.

  • I'm looking forward to the final episode. Ninety minutes is not a lot of time to wrap up the rest of the story so I hope it's longer. I estimate this will probably come out sometime late-July... maybe early August. I hope it doesn't release next month, that would mean the probably rushed it.

  • I think the ribbon cuts the head off by the way. Does anyone think so too? I've been thinking that since episode 1.

  • They confirmed that last episode already.

  • You know, I was really, REALLY excited when I first read the plot for this game. I couldn't wait to play it. And now that I've gone up and down with TWAU, I can honestly say that I was not disappointed in the least. This is easily one of my favorite games to date. That being said, the finale will be the deciding factor. They COULD rush it through and leave it mostly open for the nests season, but that would practically ruin the rest of the game for me. Please TTG, take your time and PLEASE make sure that most of the plot lines are tied up. Don't be afraid to garner the wrath of the public to make sure this finale is at least 120 minutes long. People that have stuck with you from episode one to four will get the episode regardless to how long it takes you to get this episode out. Take the time and make sure that your first entry in this series goes out with a bang. You'll get much more respect and praise from the community if this episode is done properly. Cheers and good waiting fellow gamers!

  • Ahh...the season finale. Sad to know it's going to end soon.

  • ArthurVArthurV Telltale Alumni

    The team's working hard on episode 5! We're looking forward to everyone playing it. I'm extremely excited for the episode. :-D

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