You know there's a manual, right?

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All of you who wanted something physical to have and hold:
You know that right now, at this very moment, there is a manual available with pretty color pictures?

On this page, there is a link titled "The Official Bone Manual" right under the game description:

Or you can get it directly here:

Wanted to make sure you knew it was there for those who are interested.


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    Boy you guys are really confusing. You keep giving people what they ask for. I am wierded out. I thought adventure game companies were supposed to endless tease their fans but not actually do nice things for them!
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    That manual was one of the first things I saw when the game became available. It was easy to miss, though.

    Hey, it's got pictures and colors now! I was going to ask if it wouldn't hurt to throw in some pictures and icons to act as a visual aid for those that need it. When I first saw it, it was just a WHOLE lot of words and I got dizzy just looking at it.

    Nicely done! :)
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    I saved it as soon as soon as the colours and images were added... its pretty cool.

    All we need now is a cover (an enlarged one of this would be awesome-
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    I wanted to add a comment to today's blog entry, but wasn't able to submit it, so I add my comment here :

    I used to read games’ manuals on the way back from the shop, back in the days when you needed to buy your games in a shop. But now, with Bone, you still need to download it, and I was glad I could read the manual while I was waiting for the download and installation to complete. Manuals tell you what to do and how to do it. If you read it, you don’t need do play those annoying tutorials that are a must nowadays (because apparently people have become too lazy to read manuals): most of the time, they ruin the game’s ambiance. Bones tutorial was OK though, but I remember of a game whose name I wont mention, which started by an action sequence and a NPC was actually talking to you saying things like “and now, left click on the box to open it” right in the middle of a battle. Tutorials: Nay, Manuals: Yep, and thank you Heather for writing Bone’s manual.
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