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I know it's early, but...

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There's only one more episode left. Episode 5. Which will come out in about one or two months. And then that's it. The Wolf Among Us Is done. Caput. And it just make me sad, because i literally fell in love with this series, and i was wondering if anyone else thought or felt the same?

And then comes the idea of season 2. Yeah, season 2. I know there's been threads going on about it even before episode 4 came out. However, i wanted to bring it up again. Because the game is a prequel to the comics, and it takes place about 20 years before... I mean, i have doubts, too, and i don't know, but... A lot of things can happen. Right? Maybe we can play things from a different perspective, maybe we can span this whole Crooky thing on more than a season, i just don't want TWAU to end! Each episode was an hour and a half long. 5 episodes mean 8 hours and a half,i think. It's not that long, this series. And it just makes me said, as i said, because it is amazing. And i know there are so many projects going on, but, maybe, after Game Of Thrones and Borderlands and all, maybe... They can bring it up again? Please? I just feel sorry it's ending, you know? I am aware that all good things must have an end, but who says it has to be so...


I think i'll get a ton of dislikes, but i don't care, i just want to know if anyone feels the same. Or if... season 2 may be a possibility?

  • There better be a season 2 or ill go all bigby and woodsman wombo combo on telltales ass

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    For me so disappointed as after first episode I knew this has the potential to be better then TWD, A real investigation point and click murder investigation and really confirm telltale as a world beater. But what I got was not much investigation gameplay.

    QTE's only heavy rain showed how use this method it's mean't to be used to be unfailable with no second chances really adding tension to the scene when can fail it just bores me and takes all drama out of the situation.

    Episode 3 clicks three things then cutscene and so on for whole episode. So linear and predictable with no creative freedom

    Length I taught 90 minutes was way to short but 75 minutes are you kidding me yet still costs same price.

    But apart from that I love the TWAU and feel it really has potential if they put the work in and give the game another shot. I rather TWAU over any other telltale game tbh

    • What the game lacks in difficulty, excels through creativity. :)

      • I mean in terms of gameplay clicking three things then cutscene is not excelling through creativity giving illusion of decisions and forced objective driven gameplay etc . Look I played Heavy Rain, Beyond two souls, TWD etc I'm not a story driven hater, I'm still a massive fan I feel it's potential is restricted through telltale taking on so many projects 75 minutes confirms this.

        • I understand what you're getting at. I was commenting on how they designed the game's graphics, that's what I meant from what I said earlier by how the game exceled through creativity. But yeah, the gameplay was disappointing in terms of not failing fights and stuff (even if Fables are technically immortal), the least that Telltale could have done was make more random failure scenes if the player had pressed the wrong button or something.

          It's almost like they want us to succeed through every scene, every time, to appeal to the average casual gamer.

  • Makes me sad too. I doubt we'll get a second season because this episode was about saying goodbye to allthose fables(woody, collin, toad, beauty and beast)

  • If Telltale decides to do a second season, they have to put more care into it. From what I saw with this last episode, Telltale doesn't really care about TWAU anymore.

    • I really don't know where you are getting that idea from. What is it that you want?

      • Look at how short the episode was. That alone speaks volumes. On top of that, there just didn't seem to be a whole lot happening in the episode. Other than the Jersey Devil scene, I didn't feel like there was much effort put in to make the player feel tense, excited, emotional, ect. Like I said before, I just kind of felt like I was coasting along for the majority of the episode. Just when things started to pick up near the end of the episode... things screeched to a sudden halt and the episode ended. I literally said "You have to be kidding me" when the screen went black.

        Maybe the whole episode was simply meant to be a set up for the season finale, but that just seems kind of wasteful to me. Don't get me wrong, I did enjoy the episode, but it was a little disappointing and easily the worst of the series for me. I'm not trying to hate or anything, I just feel like Telltale could have done a lot more with the episode.

        With all that being said, I'm happy for you if you found nothing wrong with the episode. Wish I could feel the same way.

  • Even if season 2 will come out we will have to wait for it longer than fo season 2 of the walking dead and it was whole(I think)year and they got other projects like game of thrones,borderlands I think they will end those first and maybe then we will have our dreamed season 2

  • I doubt a season 2 will be made. It should be about another murder/mistery, Bigby says in the comics that not that many things happened in Fabletown. Besides, some fans already seem to be dissapointed. I think it would be better if they`d end it like this.

  • I think season 2 is plausible . As far as we know TT wanted Fables rights a lot and I doubt they will be done with it after only one season .

    I think its possible we get to see the CM in season 2 , since the choices we had up untill now had much less impact than the Walking dead Season 1 , which was ported to season 2 . (Not saying that TWD:Season 1 choices had some heavy impact but anyway)

    Personally , I don't have a problem whatever they chose for a second season (new storyline or not) as long as Bigby is our protagonist . Believe me , you DON'T want to play as someone else . Perhaps only as Cindy but she is not well known .

    To be honest however , I doubt we will see CM in season 2 if a second season is to be created . In any case , It will take a lot !

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    We can post pics again :)

  • Yes,season 2 will be The rage among fans,cry for better episodes :3

  • If they DID make a season two of TWAU, it should be the entire episodes in one and released so EVERYONE could get their hands on. It does make me sad, however, that its ending so soon. It was a fun ride for me; got me reading the comics, which I had NO IDEA they existed until this game! XD Maybe in the near future. Ya' never know. Plus, wouldn't mind seeing more of this guy! :)

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      JonesJ BANNED

      If you had it your way, pudding_pie, it would be 'The Georgie's among us' lol

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      CathalOHara Moderator

      That isn't Telltale's thing. Episodic gaming is the main purpose that forums around here are as active as they are, we can speculate and theorize what happens in future episodes.

      The main problem with it is the waiting, the fact Telltale thought it a great idea to make four projects at once has really slowed down the release schedule (episode 1-2 wait was almost 4 months). They really should never do that again, it was a bold move and it didn't pay off.

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