• It's Jersey Devil.

    EDIT: I'm wrong, it's not the same. However, it's no other obvious Fable we've met, so I'm betting it's Cryer.

  • It was the 80's they wanted their phone back HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA

    I'm sorry that was awful

  • Just found a vid of it and he don't sound like jersey to me

    • woah, yeah ur right it doesnt sound like him at all , plus the subtitles r bright orange for the guy who left the message. jersey devils subtitles r like a dark orangey-red.(kinda like his hair). if were going by hair i guess orange would the taxi driver right? boy who cried wolf?

      • You don't remeber his voice in the corridor in episode 1, bro? :D
        And he is not threataning at all, just imagine that he beats up Beast... Ridiculous.
        But Jersey was tough SOB, and I never saw it coming.

    • Yeah, I guess it doesn't sound quite the same. And the colour is slightly different too.

      The only other person it can be is The Boy Who Cried Wolf. He had orange text of a very similar hue, and if you go back and listen to his voice in Episode 1 I think it's plausible that it's him.

  • No idea, but he's dead if I find him.

  • sounds a bit like Johann to me. I can imagine his voice sounding like this if he was very angry, but it doesn't really fit his personality.

    • Are you sure? He is as for now my main suspect of being the main antagonist, the "wolf in sheep's cloth" who betrayed the Crooked man and is working with Mary and possibly other former "crew" members to overthrow both Crooky and the system or something of that scale.

      • well he doesn't sound like Jersey or anyone else I know in the game, or like nusi2 below said it could just be a random debt collector. But, if it was one of the established characters, I would go more for Johann because his voice before had a similar sound, and if he was really annoyed I can imagine that voice being his

    • An angry Johann is just going to sound like Larry from TWD most likely. So I doubt it was Johann.

  • I think he is a simple debt collecter.

  • It must be the Cryer (orange hair guy, same color as the subtitles). In ep.1 when Snow says " good evening... night whatever" he replies "uh, yeah" or something around these lines, and his voice was really deep if I'm not mistaken. As he's always around he probably works as a messenger for Crooky or something.

    Some people think that he's just a reused model, but he had a line and to me there must be a reason that he's always the taxi driver. One possibility others have contemplated is that he has the ability of creating duplicates of himself. That would certainly make him a good candidate for Crooky's eyes...

    Anyway, too bad the game didn't let us have Bigby persist questioning Beauty and Beast about the caller identity. I'm betting it will turn out to be of some relevance.

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