bug - first time Fone meets Rat Creatures

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Hiya - I've hit a bug I can't seem to get past.

Fone has just encountered the Rat Creatures after chatting with Ted and his brother. No matter what I say to them, whenever the run icon comes up and I try to run, it loops back to "You will go nowhere small mammal..." Fone then runs past them and disappears, and the creature on the left loses his head (literally!) The conversation continues (Rat Creature on the left still without a head... a little disconcerting :D) and I can keep talking to them (even though Fone isn't on the screen), but when the run icon comes up again and I try to run away, it loops back to "You will go nowhere small mammal..." and the conversation just keeps going.

My system specs:

Windows XP 1.7 Ghz Pentium 4
nvidia Geforce2
512 MB RAM

I tried quitting the game and restarting but the same thing happens. I have tried it from two different saves. Any ideas?



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    Hiya fov,

    It's not a bug (excepting the graphical glitches you're experiencing). But it is a frustrating / repetitive puzzle.

    Keep clicking on the question mark icon bottom right of that scene to get more and more levels of help on how to get away...

    Oh, and here is a better forum for gameplay walkthroughs (though I do understand you thought this was a bug); Hints/Tips/Tricks .
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    Thanks, I'll try that. What with the headless monster, it didn't occur to me it could be anything other than a bug. ;)

    EDIT: Managed to get through it, but the graphics glitch is definitely a problem. If I kept trying to play the scene with the glitch I wound up with two sets of monster heads on the dialogue bubble, and it was impossible to get Fone out of there because I couldn't see him.
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    I've experienced this bug as well. I'm not sure how I started the loop but I think I clicked somewhere on the ground during the dialog with the Rat Creatures. The Fone Bone character model shot off the right-side of the screen and the Rat Creatures were looking at empty space where Fone Bone should have been. When I tried backstepping, Fone Bone was still invisible, but appeared again as soon as the Rat Creatures caught him. When the Rat Creature let go of him, the model shot off screen again.

    Hope this info helps! Congrats on getting the game finished. It's great to see the genre been revived.
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