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What do you think will happen next with Snow Bigby going to war against The Crooked Man?

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seriously what do you think will happen in the next episode? what happen to bigby,snow,and especially a crooked man

  • i think something going to happen to snow only telltale know maybe she will die i dont know know

  • Pain and Suffering.

  • I'm hoping you can choose to either kill or arrest each of the cronies in that room along with the Crooked Man himself. Probably have to kill Mary... unless we can trap her in a mirror or something.

  • I'm just hoping Bigby's father, North Wind, will make an appearance. While I was watching the crooked crew being afraid of the wolf, I was secretly hoping the wolf they were afraid of was North Wind. Well, just my wish anyways.

  • I have a feeling that the crooked man isn't really the one behind the murders. Sure, he is evil and is trying to gain more power over all fables, and he probably knows a lot about the murders, he may even be an accomplice, but somehow, I think that the identity of the killer and the real motive behind the murders will only be revealed to us in the last episode. We still don't know why Faith was killed, maybe she owed money to the crooked man but there must be more to it than that. It would be too simple if it was just the crooked man. Maybe I'm wrong buy that's the feeling I got when I completed episode 4.

  • I want to see a Bigby's army vs. Crooked Man's army. Just imagine Gren vs. Jersey, it would be nuts! Woody vs. Bloody Mary (axe thing, Mary will squash poor Woody to set up a fight with our main character), Lily vs. Tweedles (kick their asses for spoiling a funeral).

    I expect a massive involvment in the next episode, that will show us a real community war. Tiny Tim's words "We don't want the war" and Jersey's threats about Crooked Man make it possible.

  • I saw snow in the episode 5 sneak peek down near the witching well then bigby stepped in, and didn't see snow, but I was thinking about her hiding behind the pillar or something

  • Despite what some say here, Bigby's father (North Wind) will not be in 5 because in the comix, he doesn't exist in fabletown. He is only in the woods and the wide open. This story is in a city with buildings packed together.


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