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My Problem with this game at the moment...

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The acronym is too long! Lolo. Other than that, how are you guys even critizing this game yet? It's not even out you silly sausages!

  • im going to try it out. people say it sucks and all but they haven't played it yet.

    im not going to buy it though, im just going to watch it on youtube.

  • The only reason people are hating on the game is because it seems to be potentially taking away from TWD and TWAU. I honestly don't blame them.

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    Blind Sniper Moderator

    You think that acronym is bad?

    You should see Super Street Fighter II: Turbo HD Remix.


  • A different team of writers and animators are working on each game individually. So this really shouldn't be hurting the production of The Wolf Among Us or the Walking Dead.

    • Spliting up writers and animators does hurt twau and twd.

        • Management of a finite number of resources. But since they have different dev teams it wont matter anyway. Unöess you want allnof TTs writers on one game, which would be a waste of resources.

          • Well, my thoughts on it have always been a little odd. First of all, are we assuming that TT never picks up new staff? An important part of business (particularly in this industry) is investing in yourself. Part of that is expanding the equipment and software you're using, and a bigger (in my mind) part of it is getting asses in front of computers to use those tools. I'd like to think that they've been trying to expand ever since the success of TWD1, which should alleviate some of the problems relating to coding/actual dev work being done. Now art and writing teams are a slightly different story, in that you don't want to burn out your creatives by moving them from project to project in rapid succession - that being said, Gearbox has stated that their own art teams and writing teams have been at least consulting on this to ensure that the "borderlands feel" is preserved, so I'd assume that would take some stress off as well. I wouldn't say that that wouldn't cause some delays in TWD2 or TAU from what I know about TT, but it should mitigate them fairly well.

            All that being said one of the things that confuses me about this community is the vitriol about episode release dates. When I bought TWD2, I did so because I loved TWD1 and knew that due to the episodic nature, I wouldn't have access to the "full game" for some time. Rather than worry about when the next episode will be released, I just kind of well... log on to steam and when stuff starts downloading, I get happy. The only comparison I can make is it's like buying 5 presents for myself that will be distributed at random times, which somehow makes them more gloriously special in my odd little brain.

            Not sure why I went on that little tangent, but from what I understand, TT and release dates haven't meshed too well without outside influence. What's the problem with throwing another shrimp on the barbie?

  • My only deal with this is that they could have gone for something else, but I trust Telltale to make this into a good game regardless, so I don't know what people's issues are.

  • My problem with the game is that it isn't released yet.

  • I think you're mixing up your acronyms and initialisms.

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