• I want neither, I just want to arrest him legally.

  • I personally want to kill off all the rest of his muscle; Mary, Dee, and Jersey. Then give him a brutal beaten, but leave him alive for Snow. That way everyone's happy :)

  • I think ill just arrest him, i trust Snow to find enough evidences against him. I wouldt mind to arrest his workers either, except for Georgie. The Crooked Man seems harmless enough, on the other hand, Bloody Mary is... dangerous.

  • We still don't know if he killed faith and lily or not, regardless of if he's responsible for the murders, he has to go along with Bloody Mary and all his business's

  • Bigby got an option to break Crane's nose, if he turns Crooky in I hope we get an option for Bigby to break his good eye socket or gauge out his bad eye. Lol, that was mean! :-p

  • He doesnt help people without a price, as Im sure Tiny Tim will find out.

  • After playing the 4th episode, I'm not too sure at this point. He had indeed helped SOME Fables, but with a price; Faith and Lilly are killed, Fables take out loans from him or even sell their items. He uses their misery to his advantage. Seems like he uses certain places like the Lucky Pawn, Pudding & Pie or the Butcher as key points to either watch people, get information or keep their secret with with held.

    Will I kill him? No but arrest him I will do; there are still two dead women on my hands. Will his goon squad get it? Of course. The way I see it, when the CM is gone they will have no choice but to give up. It's Mary I'm worried about. She's more of a threat to me than anyone else right now. Can't wait to see, though! :)

  • Only one I want to kill with no mercy is Bloody Mary, and I will if the game presents that opportunity. She's a cold blooded murderer and even admitted to killing Mundies, which directly compromises Fabletown security, not to mention that it's, well, murder. So that earns her a trip down the Witching Well for sure. As for the Crooked Man- we'll see what he has to say for himself. Right about now we don't know if it was he who gave the orders to kill Faith and Lilly, and especially why. Neither seemed to have done anything to warrant that punishment. Either way, I will do my best to bring him in, as Snow requested, but if things go downhill, he's going down, no questions asked.

  • He's definitely a piece of work. His Fables entry mentions that he killed his wife and kids to get them out of the way. I want him to answer for the crimes he has committed and hand over his wealth to use to rehabilitate those who were stuck under his thumb and make conditions better for everyone. Like Velociraptorius and nusi2 have pointed out, it needs to be found out whether he directly ordered their deaths, But whatever happens, he will need to die or at least cede all power, wealth and control and be kept imprisoned somewhere. He is already too dangerous to be left alone

  • Well, the only reason why I'm thinking of killing him is because I know your going to take out his goon squad in episode 5 but I mean can we really just arrest him? I know we'll have a better chance of throwing him down the witching well with snow in charge but he is a very influential man in fable town so IDK...

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