• U know that Snow is in the comics too? game is events before comics.she's not a suspect.She's just becoming more bossy and that's what she's like in comics.

  • Back in another thread a long, long time ago I named Snow as a suspect. Glad to see all the fanboys disliking that comment. They were burning all senseless comments. Phew. But I always did wonder is Snow having her own agenda and Mr. Bluebeard is there to divert her plans. We've witnessed Snow White having talked privately to Jack, staying back at the business office as she has something to attend to.... An agenda or master plan. We assume she's good old Snow but just what if she was manipulated by a spell? And Nerissa could see thru that?

  • Sorry TellTaleFan, I haven't read the comics but I was going to. It's still a theory, though. Snow is just too... Controlling...? Under lying motives seem to be there, even the change of clothes means something big - she's being corrupted at the very, very least.

  • I started to suspect Snow after this episode as well, her change into 'bossy' Snow was a little too fast I thought. But then I remembered that this game is supposed to be cannon for the comics, so I doubt very much she's involved.

  • I understand your suspicion, but she's probably not going to be the killer. She's become bossy because that is her character, and those are the shoes she must fill in order to be more like her comic book self. She is extremely good at keeping her emotions on a short leash, so that can explain her lack of reaction. It could also be due to the fact that bad things just keep happening and she's getting used to hearing what Bigby and others tell her. She wants to take charge, and depending on your choices, you either let her or tell her to stop getting involved. The Bigby I know would listen to her when she says enforce the laws (For example, sending non-human Fables to the farm) But he wouldn't let her get involved with his investigations. She always does, and TT is able to capture that part of her well. Even though King Cole is the mayor (Mentioned in game, but no character model as of yet) She is the brains behind the curtains. She's the one who really deals with the shit a mayor should deal with, and that used to be Crane's job. Crane was a crappy behind-the-scenes mayor, whereas Snow will become one of the most influential Fables of the know universe. People in the books still have a dislike for her, yet even more have a respect for her that you only gain when you've really made a positive difference for the community. Things start out slow, people dislike her when she first takes her position as Deputy, but it won't last long and I'm sure when this whole ordeal ends with the Crooked Man, her and Bigby might be looked up upon, rather than down as usual. As for the change in clothes, I believe the black symbolizes a corruption and low point in the game. Not the "Evilness consuming her soul" or whatever you wanna call it. It's more of a symbol that everyone is loosing hope but still holding on, to see if there really is a solution to the madness.

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