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Do you think we can get an Extended Finale?

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I'm hoping for at least a 2 hour episode. The last episode was gripping but it clocked exactly 1 1/4 hours for me. I know they want it to be done in one sitting, but I can do it just like I watch a 2 hour movie. We should be given time to explore and have more puzzles. I really want the Season to go out with a big bang and not feel rushed. Trust me, this isn't a rant, it's just a wish. :)

  • Was episode 1 the longest? How long did it take you?

  • Since they may not make a season 2 I'm hoping for an extended episode. I can't get enough of this game.

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    Cry Wolf has to be about 150mins long for it to be great & so it doesn't feel rushed.

  • Maybe if we BELIEVE hard enough, then maybe we'll get a lengthy episode with a lot of action, drama, tough decisions, and nail-biting moments.

  • Ah, I have just the image for this, gimme a second...

    EDIT: There

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  • If it ain't three hours long

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    If it turns out all the other episodes were pointless

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    And if you leave episode 5 on a cliffhanger with no fucking resolution

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  • that's funny cuz I was thinking the same thing, but it would take TTG much longer to finish it. I would love to see the last episode of season 1 to be the longest and best episode. TTG should def do this, great idea man:)

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    People, myself included, have sat through the entire extended editions of the LotR Trilogy, I think people can handle a 2 hour episode of TWAU.

  • We can't know whether it's gonna be a long episode or not.

    But hey, TTG better fucking make it long as fuck if they don't plan on making another season. Because if you ask me.. And tbh, everything we've gone through (the whole season) would not be satisfying (E.2 short - not like the rest and the same applies to E.4). That wouldn't make TWAU extremely famous. If they wish to fix their mistakes without another season, they must prepare their last episode for TWAU finely well. And god damn really well.

  • You know things are pretty sad when we're saying that an 'extended' episode is two hours...

    But yeah, there are tons of plot-points that the narrative has to go through. I would love a longer episode.

    • The current standard for episode length has significantly dropped since TWD Season 1. Each of Season 1's episode were at least 2 hours long excluding Episode 5 which was 90 minutes. The sad thing is that as good as the episodes are, I still feel like they were WAY too short. Now I do believe all these simultaneous projects are catching up to Telltale. The episodes are a lot shorter than before. I know they give their view that they wanted it to be done in one sitting, but I don't buy it. What happened to Season 1 of TWD? I was able to enjoy it in one sitting also, but in that case I felt more satisfied. We have to wait so long for each episode, so make it a good length of at least 120-150 minutes... Please ffs Telltale.

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