Bigby or clementine?

JUST TELL ME, Did you bigby fixing his forear or clem stitching herself up, which hurted you the most?


  • Sorry forearm*

  • I think Clementine's was worse for me, just because of the screaming adn horribly close close ups.

  • BigBys situation was way worse, i couldnt even look at the arm while fixing it, thanks to the bone sticking out.

  • Ok, I felt for Clementine, but Bigby's arm was just too much. I mean setting a bone back into place vs. stiches? Pretty obvious answer to me :-/

  • Both hurt my soul hard, although I'd have to say Bigby's situation was more painfully cringing.

  • who is better? will clementine defeat bigby? or will bigby defeat clementine and all of the walking dead crew find out next time on DRAGONBALL Z

  • Gore doesn't faze me. Bigby is a badass.

  • Bigby's a nigh-immortal werewolf demigod who already survived being cut open from neck to navel with an enchanted druid axe.

    Clem is an 11 year old girl.

    Bigby'd have to explode into a fountain of blood before I start worrying about him.

  • When Clementine had to suture her own arm up in an unsafe tool shed, I took my headphones off to not hear her in pain.

    When Bigby was putting his bone back into place, I wasn't even fazed other than saying "Ugh...". I was use to the violence games like that brought. I wasn't used to hearing a child in pain.


  • Woah! The walking dead characters looking directly at bigby's soul, btw, nice representing tim as reggie

  • Holy shit that video was creepy. The eyes man

  • how did he swap the models for the 2 games >___>

  • defiantly bigby

  • I didn't cringe at Clem's. When Swineheart pulled Bigby's arm back into place, that made be cringe.

  • Neither really bothered me at all, but Clem's situation wins because of her screaming. Stitching isn't very serious business, but her screams made it painful.

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    Bigby's is worse but Clementine stitching her own forearm is more of a reality then Bigby's forearm injury game wise. They're both painful to watch but by the look of it it looks like Bigby only hurted a little because he didn't scream. All he said was "Ugh...Argh" but Clementine on the other hand was screaming quietly and sorta crying.

  • Bigby is a supernatural creature, he can take it sort of. Clementine is a small girl, its much more harder to watch.

  • Bigbys war with Sassy Clem, begins now!

  • Fable or not, Bigby's arm was cringe worthy. His forearm was hanging off, while Clem had a dog bite.

  • This is sad me to admit but... i failed Bigbys QTE first time, and Swineheart did patched his arm and i missed all the gore.

    So... Clementine was more gross.

  • Clementine's because I felt like it was more interactive and I practically felt the stitches going through my skin. I felt like it was more detailed and longer.

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