At the end of episode 4, when you're walking up to the Crooked Man's door, you can hear some conversation.

The Jersey Devil is laughing, then Georgie says:

"(...)some kind of a f-ing joke? What did I tell you, eh? Stop laughing at me.

Video link to that point of time in the game:

If you chose the correct options in episode 2, Toad's son will tell you that he heard someone say, "Stop laughing at me," after that someone dumps Lily's body in the lake/river.


Edit: Just to note, it probably is just a coincidence, but I wanted to point it out anyway.


  • Wow you got it!


  • Yeah, heard that as well. Think Jersey and Georgie were the ones in the park that night dumping Lily's body.

  • Huh. Interesting. Although TJ said there was only one person there, didn't he? I guess he could have just been mistaken, but it seems like he'd know if Jersey Devil were there. The guy isn't exactly the inconspicuous type.

  • Nah it's not a coincidence, you're spot on.
    I don't even know how the hell you remembered TJ's words but holy damn, nice catch.

  • Not sure if he said that at all, it would be weird for a random mundie to just look at a guy dumping an orc's corpse and to laugh at it.
    I think it really was Geordie and Jersey

  • Okay, just watched that scene again. Bigby asks TJ if he heard someone laughing and he said no.

  • Never even noticed that, you're definitely right! Good observation!

  • I heard that.. not really a "coincidence", it was put for a purpose to notice if the players would notice.

  • 18 likes but 8 comments?coincidence? I dink naught!

  • I didn't really heard what they said.I don't think it's coincidience you are probably right.Who would dump her body if not someone in that room?

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