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Fights We All Wanna See

posted by Blodyxe on - last edited - Viewed by 2.8K users

I posted my expectaions for Ep 5, and now I wanna know who you guys wanna see fighting.
Gren vs. Jersey, Woody vs. Mary and Lily vs. Tweedles are mine favourites.

  • Bigby in his final form getting payback on Bloody Mary.

  • Snow vs anybody. I'm pretty sure she knows how to sword fight (correct me if I'm wrong)

  • Gren Vs Jersey for sure!

    IDK here are just some random ones I made up.

    Snow Vs Vivian

    Georgie Vs Lawrence

    Faith Vs Beauty

    Beast Vs Crooked

    Tim VS Flycatcher

    Bigby vs Bloody Mary

    Dee and Dum(determinant) Vs Bluebeard

    Aunty Greenleaf VS Bufkin

    Colin Vs Toad

  • since Beast kinda chicken out, Bigby and Woody vs the rest

  • Bigby CAN take them all down! But it would be awesome to see everyone that I've come across throughout the game to help in the end; Gren taking on the Jersey Devil would be hilarious! XD Can't wait!!

  • I'd love to see a big batte and the people who join you depend on your decision.

    So if you were nice to Gren, Holly, Woodsman, etc.

    They would all join you against other people.

    I don't know why but I'd love to see Toad in a fight.

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