Which person will you Interrogation?

Crooked Man, Bloody Mary, Tiny Tim, Georgie Porgie, The Tweedles, Vivian or Jersey Devil.


  • *interrogate

    Crooked Man runs it all. him for sure.

  • Obviously The Crooked Man.

  • why did you get a dislike? All you did was ask a question lol. I'll interegate Vivian since she was close to Narrissa. Then I'll question Crooked Man

  • Crooked Man, Vivian - possibly Tweedles. Tiny Tim doesn't seem to be in CM's inner circle and won't know much, so he's a free man. I want to interrogate Mary on her crimes, but she deserves to die regardless. I don't think Jersey or Georgie will be much help, so I would just teach them a lesson and also shut down their businesses.

  • I just want Bigby and Crooky to be left alone while they discuss thangs. Have a few crumpets and a cup of tea.

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