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TWD: Right or Wrong (Interactive) - Season 2 Episode 1 Part 3 Released

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Enter here: (I made a new forum so you don't have to register and post, you can just post as a guest and submit your character!!) .!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It's basically a revision of Season 1, and you guys get to vote on the decisions. The main character ins't Lee, though he is another character. Who will eventually run into Lee's group. I'm leaving the character register up forever, you will still submit but everyone won't be introduced in the same chapter, or episode.

Characters in the story.

Introduced so far: Carmen, Mitchell, Manny, Danny, Nero Zedlum, Frankie, Rose, Xavier King, Luis Domingez, Beth, Crystal, Daniel Crelourn, Spencer Drake, Lawrence Pryde, John Kozlov, Callie, Devyn, Alex, George, Amanda Weiss, Nick, Ava Mitchell, Liam Jackson, Spark, Zack Lockwood, David Bale, Ralph, Devin, Samuel Bowie, Maria, Alan Cal, Dominic, Haley, Matthew, Cynthia, Ian Hawkins, Sam Hawkins, Harjit Singh, Davison, Tera Michaels, Luke, Amber Romero, Leroy Paul Cufferman, Jamie, Elias, Kerry, Mimi, Clara, Henry, Ursula, Eric, Lucas, Dave, Jim Jim, Joe, Jav, Katherine, Jill Owenson, Link Andalia, Charlie, Josh, Terry Jackson, Gabrielle

Waiting introduction: Jowanna, Sarita, Bonnie, Kat, Saskia, Viola, Nikki Espinoza, Joel, Bill, Alyx, Faye Shimay, Tamara Karlov, Orla, Ellis, Mike, Jasmine, Dan, Tess, Austin, Julian, Fiorella Sanchez, Eduardo Sanchez, Laura, Lo Ridgemount, Gia, Rashad Grice, Jonathan, Sophia, Zaphira, Elizabeth Galloway

Link to catch up on the story!!

Episode 1(Complete):

Episode 2(Complete):

Episode 3(Complete):

Episode 4(Complete):

Episode 5(Complete):

I made a intro to the fanfic.. (Why did I make this when I could have made the next part? I dunno. Was really bored :PP) !!!

List of Group Members:

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