• Its possible, since the mirror said that here whereabouts are concealed, maybe she is glamoured too, like Lily. Or maybe their whereabouts where concealed by ribbons and theyre actually dead(even if we dont know where Lilys ribbon is). I think the murderer framed Crane, or someone from the Pudding and Pie.

    • The Mirror not being able to trace any of the girls wearing ribbons could be Crane's doing, given his relationship with Crooky and the Pudding and Pie. According to my theory, Faith's still under the lips are sealed spell and that's why glamouring as Nerissa would make sense.

  • Even though your theory is speculative I applaud you for coming up with a coherent motive.

    This theory would explain:

    1. Why many of Nerissa’s mannerisms in episode 4 so strongly mirrored Faith’s mannerism in episode 1.

    2. Nerissa’s elated reaction to Bigby appearance in episode 2.

    3. (As you pointed out earlier) Why the mirror is unable to divine the location of Faith even though it was removed from the corpse we found. (The mirror had no trouble finding the whereabouts of the Crookedman).

    I was wondering if your theory could help explain why Faith’s donkey-skin coat was left at the Woodsman apartment. It has been nagging me since the very first episode.

    • I've no decent idea where the donkeyskin fits in my theory or any... it's a big mystery. In my theory Faith could just want it gone as she's now off to a fresh start as another person, period. That's why she left at Toad's building, the last place the sheriff saw her. But that wouldn't explain the focus the writers are giving it, so it's very unlikely to be the case.

      It's also complicated to speculate on why she left her ring in Lily's mouth tied to the ribbon. As Bigby pointed out it looks like a message, but it's possible she just wanted to haste him finding her identity, and leaving it with the body wouldn't help, as she couldn't move it without being caught. That would explain why Faith left the severed head alone for the sheriff, Snow or Crane to find, and planted the ring and the ribbon, leading to the confirmation that it was her body and that the ribbon was important to the case. But that wouldn't explain the blood and the scrapes of fabric we found on the scene... shit. That or Faith has an accomplice, probably someone that also wants to see Crooked out of the game, but that's speculating out of nothing really.

      By the way, it was your comment, Spoonbender, in another of my threads that I was trying to answer when I came up with this theory. :-)

  • One of the main problems i have with this theory is that Georgie confessed that he killed the girls. Why would he and the Crooked Man say all that stuff about misinterpreted orders, if they didn't know that Faith was the one who killed them. Or why not tell Bigby that they didn't do it, since the Crooked Man only cares about being free from our troublesome wolf.

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