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Bloody Mary's true /form/.

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Alright, well. We have seen Grendel's true form, and Jersey's true form was amazing, pretty well done and actually had me spooked for a bit.
What I am really interested in is how does Bloody Mary look like with her glamour off; if, as she described "shows up" in the Mundy world and feeds the teenager's lungs to the family dog, she must have some sort of a form, something evil and spooky just like Jersey or Gren.

I'm really excited to see this is Telltale will feature it in the final battle between the two of them, it would be amazing.

  • Bloody Mary is a ghost, she used to travel and kill people who would repeatedly say her name infront of a mirror with a candle, thats the legend here in the UK. We can expect her true form to be a ghost with probably bloody hollow eyes but telltale may make her different.

  • I just finished the episode because it's only just came out for PS3 Europe and it was fucking perfect. God... best cliff hanger ever, I'm move excited for the next episode than TWD, OMG!

  • I can see her ghostly form being, well, ghastly. With blood-red eyes maybe? That would be a fantastically creepy design there.

  • I don't want to look stupid, but... can Bigby fight a ghost?

  • Well to be fair we don't even know if she can transform yet but i kinda hope since it would look dumb for a human fable to put up a fight against bigby's 3rd form

  • I don't see why she needs a form, she already took down Bigby in his second form with one shot. So shes already powerful enough.

  • Personally, I always just pictured her as a scary, creepy, ghost-like woman covered in blood. She was always humanoid in my imagination, when we used to tell the story as kids. I agree with you about the Jersey Devil. He was pretty awesome looking. I didn't spoil it for myself (I avoid spoiler threads, until I play it myself) and I was very surprised. I read that a lot of people spoiled it for themselves by looking at the model from the game files. I'm glad I avoided spoilers because I was pretty shocked by that thing.

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