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The feels

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It is strange that TWAU is going to end. I bought this game somewhere in February when EP 2 released... And EP 5 is coming out! and I know that is great but it feels like a week ago I bought this game and started a great adventure as Bigby Wolf and now it is going to end... This is a game but I gonna miss Snow, Bufkin, Toad and all the others in this wonderful season.
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Hope for a next adventure

  • I hope we get a second season. This game and the Fables universe deserves it. I would like to see Bigby and Snows relationship develop further. I loved the part in Episode 4 at the start when Snow held Bigbys arm and said how scared she was when she thought he was dying.

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    MindWeb BANNED

    If you want to see more of the characters, even without a second game, read the comics, I started reading them around Episode 2's release and I've caught up to the current issue after binging for about a week, they're worth the read, and I'd recommend buying them as paperbacks.

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