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Slow download

posted by FuzFuz on - Viewed by 945 users

As title says, I'm experiencing an insanely slow download speed.
Happened with other chapters as well, but this time it's even worse.
Is there any way to download it without letting the game itself do it? Like a web link or a .torrent?

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    Upgrade to a better internet deal?

  • hi there. I am a new Tell Tale customer, and downloading right now the Windows client for The Wolf Among Us (just purchased): i confirm the 1.1GB file (i suppose, the very first chapter only!) is coming down at a ridicoulous 70-80KB/s when my line is able to reach 500 KB/s

    so definitely yes, there seems to be some bottleneck over there server side: some alternative, say smarter way to download (p2p / torrent anyone?!) should be offered IMHO (as per now i simply regret not having bought the game directly on Steam)

    • sorry if i reply to myself, but since nobody else seems interested... episode 1 is now installed (was a pain) but i'm at it again: i'm going to dowload every other episode (2 to 5) before startin' to play just for the sake of it. Downloading EP2 takes AGES and - finally - it seems stuck to 79% idling with no network activity. Again i'm on a reliable 4mbit/sec (roughly 500KB/s) and everything else internet-related works a champ: stille the in-game TWAU downloader is sluggish.
      By the way, having to cope with a in-game downloader that does not run in background is a big letdown: we are in 2014 and multitasking should be granted.
      i'm VERY tempted to grab some torrent-packs floating around and go with those: i'd be up and running in a breeze, not strings attached, no stupid in-game downloaders, no nothing.
      Ain't that stupid, Tell Tale? Why?

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