• "Maybe the game was made for kids". Really? REALLY? Do kids games these days include decapitated heads, bloody fight scenes, prostitution, Little Mermaid boobs, and swearing? No, they don't.

    • ==-

      We observe that they do. So does South Park (the show), which is also for kids. What popular 3D game is NOT rated M? All of them are, except sim city and the My Little Pony stuff.

      And if the game isn't made so mindless children can bang the controller, then don't you think that all the pointless gameplay decisions that don't affect the story are, well, pointless?

      That question is what I'm interested in, not being called a troll for asking it.


      • Oh my gosh, South Park is not meant for kids. Even the writers of that show say clearly it is not meant for children.

        Popular 3D games not rated M? Everything Nintendo makes, Mario, Zelda, Metroid. Other games like Sonic the Hedgehog.

        • See I didn't know that. I read CPU magazine because it's the only mag about PC hardware, and all the ads are for shoot and kill M rated games. I didn't know there were any other kind.

          But Mario and Sonic are from the 80s. I guess they must have made 3D versions, but the game would sure have to include a lot more than the originals.


        • Even the writers of that show say clearly it is not meant for children.

          They say that for CYA. Everybody knows kids watch it. That disclaimer is like where the porn sites say "click here if you're under 18" and it's a link to the disneyland site. Sure, like all the 17 year-old boys will click the disneyland link after searching for a porn site.

          Non-autistics are all about "let's everybody pretend that 2+2=5" when it's blatantly obvious that everyone knows it isn't. I'm always the one to point out that the emperor has no clothes on, and then everyone acts all indignant.

      • South park is NOT made for kids theres f*cking sex and everything in it

      • You obviously aren't a South Park fan. South Park is NOT a children's show. It's clearly a satirical comedy meant for adults.

  • Okay...not sure why you felt the need to link us to "naked pix," but I'll bite (no, not in that way).

    Yes, the choices made in the game don't affect the plot in hugely significant ways. The game can't give players the freedom to not progress the story. It's a story-based game. The point of having the characters "play" as Bigby is not to give them complete control over the events in the plot, but to allow them some degree of influence over how the character of Bigby Wolf reacts to the environment and circumstances in which he finds himself, to make us empathize with him more and feel more engaged in his story.

    You mentioned that you ended up choosing different choices than those made in the playthrough you watched because they "made Bigby act like a pussy." That's the point. The game gives you the option of characterizing Bigby how you see fit. Just as you didn't like how meek Bigby was in the playthrough you watched, maybe someone who watches your playthrough wouldn't like how reckless and brutal you made him to be.

    • ==-

      Thank you, Domewing, for the answer to my question. I guess I was expecting the ability to have more creative control over the game's story. I bet they could have made many more alternate storylines that eventually converge, but they just decided to make it what it is instead. It's only a $25 game by a minor company, after all.

      Okay, thank you.


      • PS
        Are there any games like this that DO let your decisions radically change the story? Does the walking dead game do that more than this one?

        I am really into zombie flix, so that would be cool.


        • Games that allow you to do that are few and far between because it requires vast amounts of resources to be investing in aspects of the game that most players may never get to see because they made one choice and not another. I've heard that The Witcher 2 has quite a major story branch near the end that essentially results in two entire different gameplay sequences, but I don't know of any game that has radical branching throughout the story. Games become exponentially more costly to develop as you create more and more branches in the story.

          • Thank you again, domewing! I will look at witcher2. I hope it's graphics are more realistic like in the shooter kill games, and not comic book like this one.

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              dojo32161 Moderator

              If you want a game with a lot of alternate paths you could get Always Sometimes Monsters, though you might not like it if you don't like pixel graphics like To The Moon. If you want realistic graphics then I can't help you until 2015 with the release of Quantum Break, which the game apparently affects the TV show that's in the game while the TV show affects what happens in the game.

              • WOH, recursive! That sounds cool, and I'm wikipedia-ing it now.

                But all graphics are pixels. The last vector graphics game I saw was Battlezone in the 80s. Does the "pixel graphics" refer to flat, non-3D graphics?


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                  dojo32161 Moderator

                  Now that I'm thinking about it you could try out the Stanley Parable. Multiple endings with you either completely disobeying the narrator or agreeing with him the entire game.

  • Naked pics?Wtf :(

    • This girl is creepy.Whatever you guys do,do not go onto that link,unless you wanna rip your eyes out a minute after.Its pretty much stupid porn.I wonder if it's for attention...Anyways,she's creepy and she should give a good reason to get banned,so the mods can get her outta here :'(

      • It's NOT stupid, and it's definitely not porn. It's my blog, which is mostly about astrophysics and how the republicans suck. My naked pix are only in 3 or 4 posts out of 2,324. The naked pix are only at the very bottom of a very long blog post about my little house (maybe 10 screens down).

        I removed the link anyway, fuck it. That kind of link makes boys happy everywhere else. I should give up on trying to predict the reaction of non-autistic people. Actually, I pretty much have.

      • This girl is creepy.

        I get that a lot.

        I never exactly know why. I often get banned too, and I rarely understand why that, either.

        Do you have an opinion about how gameplay decisions affect the game story? Would it make people happier if I removed the link?

    • In the places I hang out online, I get a lot of "Tits or GTFO" (or the more modern equivalent) and I tried to deflect that. I'm also a geek and autistic, and I don't have the slightest idea how people will react emotionally. You'd think I'd be used to being called "inappropriate" by now, but it's always disconcerting. Everywhere else, boys like those pix. Anyway, I removed the link.

      Apparently people didn't like that I suggested that the game is for little kids, either, and I didn't expect that reaction either. To me, it was just a reasonable statement.

      You non-autistics have a strange, violent reaction to damn near everything, you know?


      • Alright, I guess I'll give you the rundown. People aren't used to others being so...err...open...with their sexuality. Especially not to the extent that their willing to post such pictures for all to see and especially not on a random game forum. The vast majority have no interest in what you do in the privacy of your own bedroom (or...cave, as the case may be) and they find invitations to view what you do in that private space to be a bit creepy and out of place. So in the future, you know, maybe try to avoid making casual references to things like your sex life. They only distract people from the points you want to make.

        • THANK YOU. I removed the link.

          Autistic people aren't like retards, we ARE retards, except we can speak well so nobody knows that. We're also usually real good at just one thing (for me, it's spacetime geometry). But other than that, I'm literally retarded. And I know it. Calculus is fun, but I can't do 3rd grade arithmetic in my head. Literally.

          Just explain shit to me instead of yelling at me and unless it's a 2+2=5 thing, I'll comply, even though I don't understand. Other places, boys ASK for naked pix.

          ...never mind. Case closed.

          • Okay, that's another thing. The term "retard" has some really negative connotations to it and it's generally considered very socially impolite to refer to others or yourself as "retards," even if you or they suffer from some form of mental impairment. From what I know about it, autism is also a spectrum disorder, meaning that there are a range of degrees in which it can manifest. So saying something like "we [autistic people] are retards" can be pretty offensive to those who have mild autism and are relatively normal in their mental functioning, aside from some some slight difficulties with social interaction.

            Also, just so you know, it's a general rule of the internet to ignore people who request naked pictures of you. But I imagine that we're already past the point where that's relevant here.

            • > it's a general rule of the internet to ignore people who request naked pictures of you.

              Well I didn't know that either, but I LIKE when boys email me and tell me how much they enjoyed yanking off to pictures of my body. It makes me feel sexy. I rub the nub thinking about them staring at pix of me and doing it. If I hadn't been so alienated from my own feelings in high school, I would have put on naked shows for the boys after school in the woods.

              Yes I KNOW they would have been disrespecting and secretly laughing at me. I don't care about that either. In fact, being humiliated while naked is about the sexiest feeling there is. I like what I like, and the hell with it. If everybody had that attitude, the country wouldn't be all infested with repressed republicans on a crusade to make everyone else as sad and bitter as they are.

              Plus, it's like I have a mutant X-man power in my body that twists boys' minds and makes them want to do stuff to me instead of ignoring me. It's a very weird kind of domination feeling, like I'm really the one in control.

              If it turns out that it's rude and impolite to say the above, I don't want to know about it.

      • If people tell you "tits or gtfo" you do it?!?! Woooot?!?!

  • Um, naked pics?..........
    I'm out.

  • 1) The reason why most games involve killing people is because games thrive on conflict. In them we can do what we can't in reality (unless we want to die or go to jail) - and since most games are made by men we incorporate the Hunter instinct into them. Stalk - isolate - kill. You find your target, you concentrate your fire onto it, you kill it - endorphin rush. There are games that don't involve, or challenge you to do a non-lethal playthrough (Splinter Cell and Reservoir Dogs being perfect examples), but since most people want to relax that means they want to blow off steam, which means lotsa murder. This ends my defense of why killing is a staple of games because my brain interpreted your comment as an attack.

    2) This ain't a ''game'' in that classic sense. It's a linear interactive story. Same could be said for all linear games, I suppose, but this one lacks a proper challenge like Mario or Doom. It's made for a casual audience so that they can relax easily. We know that this is the nature of the game, so we take it into account when we praise it. You had gone into it expecting challenging gameplay. For avoidance of such occurances in the future I seriously suggest researching what the game is about and how it plays.

    3) Telltale is a game developer with a small budget, and they don't do AAA games like Mass Effect and Dragon Age where you have thousands of side quests that give you the illusion of narrative malleability. Again: research.

    • Again, THANK YOU. All I needed was an explanation. I'm actually very simpleminded and I'm just curious about stuff, that's all. I just never did gaming before.

      The mod can close this thread if they want.

      • PS:
        So in first person shooting games, is it possible to "win", or is it all just shoot-people action like Castle Wolfenstein in the 80's?

  • Faye_Kane, you are extremly narrow-minded if you think gaming is just about killing. Games are art and way better art than you'll ever make.

    • See, that's the kind of inexplicable hostility I usually get. ViralType and DomeWing are the kind of people I prefer to hang around.

  • Are you reading Jack of Fables? He's the only one aware that he's inside a comic.

    • It wasn't just Jack of Fables, it was Fables 83-85, Jack of Fables 33 to 35 and The Literals issues 1 to 3. Jack told the others, who believed him when the writer started changing the universe. That's why they ganged up on him (the writer).

      I liked that when Bigby was turned into a little girl, he still acted like Bigby. Though if I were turned into the opposite sex, the first thing I'd do would be fuck, to see what it feels like. That doesn't sound like something Bigby the girl would do, though.

  • You thought this game was for children. You posted on a forum dedicated to people who played the game (people you assumed were children). You decided to post naked pictures of yourself on that forum. So you thought exposing youself to children would help your argument .... ?

    Now about what you said about the game, (since you are on a forum dedicated to talking about the game, not yourself) since you read the comics you understand since this is a prequel how much this limits creativity, and even if it wasn't, videogames about movies / comics / books / any pre enstablished fictional universe will almost always have a weaker story, since games have to work on many many things, while other mediums can focus more on the story and the characters. Now the fight scenes are one of the things I think this game does well, if makes you press a sequence of buttons very fast, to help indicate the sense of urgency of the fight, it uses the only thing games have over other mediums which is interactivity to help immerse the player into the presented universe. I think the fact that fights have no strategy helps the story, bigby acts more on instinct than on strategy.

    I mean you can think whatever you want about the game, but it seems to me like your problems are with videogames as a medium for storytelling as everything you complain about is as common in videogames as close-ups are in movies.

    PS: if you post naked pictures of youself anywhere not dedicated to it, and no one asked you to, we assume you thought the pictures would help understand the argument you are trying to make, so if you have to post pictures of youself naked to post your opinion, we assume you opinion is very very wrong even before reading it. never do it again

    • > everything you complain about is as common in videogames as close-ups are in movies.

      Well never having played a videogame before, I didn't know that. I didn't know they were so passive and mindless. Telltale said that the player controls the game plot, so I naively believed them. I'm just like that.

      > You thought this game was for children. You posted on a forum dedicated to people who played the game (people you assumed were children). You decided to post naked pictures of yourself on that forum. So you thought exposing yourself to children would help your argument .

      You know, I usually love tearing apart the "logic" of hostile assholes on the internet, but I'm really sick of this thread. Nevertheless,

      1) Any kids (or anyone else) who has spent hours roleplaying a story that shows girls dancing topless, prostitutes with their heads chopped off and has a girl tied to a bloody bed and tortured to death (and god-knows-what else in episode 5) won't be shocked at nude photographs.

      2) I didn't think it would advance my argument that the gameplay is pointless. That's one of the stupidest things anyone's ever said to me on the internet. I did it because in other forums with mostly boys on it (except science ones), most of the time, sooner or later, someone asks me to post naked pix and no one else ever objects.

      Since I'm new here, it was like a housewarming gift. Frankly, I think your attitude about it is rude. You're supposed to accept a gift you don't like graciously. But what do I know about normal-people manners; I'm autistic.

      That's EXACTLY the kind of mistake I make IRL and is exactly why I walked off my last job and moved into a tent/cave in the woods where I can be alone without any of the god damn normals judging me. If I were a fable, I'd prefer to live on the farm.

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