Anyone else think Bluebeard may be behind it?

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He's rich, thus the limo. And he was in a hurry to ransack the place you didn't choose to go if you decided to go to crane's apartment. He had no motivation to get involved. It was all poor-people problems going on. Plus, if there's no big shocking revelation like that, then there's NOTHING to have happen in episode 5. All the characters and their motivations are already revealed.

And in the comix, we find out what a power-hungry, shitty sleazeball crook he really is and he is removed from Fabletown.

I say that the crooked man is working for Bluebeard.

What do YOU think, well? Huh? Well?

-faye kane girl brain


  • Unlikely, Bluebeard wouldn't work for anyone, and if Bigby will find out about it Bluebeard would be in jail at the start of the comics.

  • I think he might be linked to the prostitutes in some way. They have the ribbons around the neck, and if you remove them they die. It sounds like the story of Bluebeard, where he cuts off their heads.

  • Not behind it,but he knows something.Why would he burn those books in Crane's apartment?

  • WOH!

    I didn't take the path that had that happen. What books did he burn and what was his excuse?

  • It was too burnt already to see.But in ep4 when I said he burnt evidence he asked what exactly was the evidence he burnt.Bigby didn't answer because he didn't have much to say then,but I think we'll find out why he did it.

  • Did Bluebeard have an excuse for burning evidence in this murder investigation? It sounds like smoking gun evidence that he controls crooked man,.

  • As long as we don't have any evidence he'll get away with whatever he's hiding...

  • I went to Crane's place first, but he could caught Jack, and burnt everything he tried to steal, and Bigby could have just been set off by all the burnt stuff.

  • I doubt it, he's hiding something but I don't think he's that heavily involved. Pretty sure that ginger cab driver is the one murdering prostitutes.

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