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Life and death decisions that are more difficult than Luke or Kenny.

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I didn't really know what to title this, I wrote this because a lot of people think the Pizza vs. Ice cream decision is Luke or Kenny.

Christa or Kenny: Christa took care of you for 16 months, but Kenny is willing to put his life on the line for you. Probably the most likely to happen.
My choice: Christa

Bonnie or Sarita: While not major characters, they both appeal to me in the same way and would be a tough decision.
My choice: really difficult but Sarita

Sarah or the baby: Sarah's made some mistakes in the past, the baby is just young, innocent and needs caring, both are big liabilities but Sarah could quickly learn how to fight later on. I don't see this one happening though since someone should always be watching the baby and if the baby was bitten it'd pretty much immediately die.
My choice: The baby

Write what you would choose and if you want write some of your own.

  • Christa over Kenny, Bonnie over Sarita, baby over Sarah

    Here's a choice. Sarah, the baby, or Nick.

    Each had a caretaker who requested that you take care of them: Carlos, Alvin, and Pete, respectively. So no matter what, you're letting two of those people down. Most people also promised to be Sarah's friend, the baby is, well, a baby, and Nick is a fan favorite.

    • Damn that's tough...let's make it tougher!

      Nick is on the floor pushing a walker away from himself. Sarah is being grabbed by a walker through a fence of some kind, and a walker (with half it's torso cut off) is slowly crawling with its bare hands towards the baby.

      The rest of the group are rushing over whilst Clementine is already there, they won't make it in time. It's up to Clementine to at least save one person. Whilst the group is rushing over they're all shouting commands at Clementine to help one designated person.

      Rebecca is shouting at Clementine to save the baby.
      Luke is telling Clementine to help Nick.
      Sarita (if still alive) wants Clementine to help Sarah.

      Clementine can rush to the baby, pick it up and run. Nick bitten on the shoulder whilst Sarah is grabbed closer and bitten on the neck. Both are eaten and die, as a result of this Rebecca tries defending Clementine later on whilst Luke and Sarita are judging Clementine for not saving Sarah or Nick.

      Clementine can rush to Nick and kill the walker with a knife or sharp object of some kind but the baby is devoured and Sarah is once again bitten on the neck. However it's revealed that during the struggle, Nick was bitten on the arm, and will die anyway whilst Rebecca comitts suicide and Sarita is dissapointed at Clementine for not helping Sarah.

      Clementine can help pull Sarah away and one of two scenarios can occur.

      If you trained Sarah with the gun, then Clementine can ask Sarah to either help Nick or the baby. Helping Nick, means he was saved moments before he was bitten, and Rebecca comitts suicide. If Clementine tells Sarah to help the baby, the walker near the baby is dead and the baby is saved yet Nick dies. Luke understands the decision and Rebecca is happy and becomes a parental figure for her baby and Sarah.

      If you didn't train Sarah with the gun then you have the option of telling Sarah to save the baby, Nick or do nothing. Sarah attemps to save the baby but misses and as a result the baby dies. Sarah feels guilty, and is discouraged from using guns (which later causes her death).

      If you tell Sarah to help Nick, she accidently shoots Nick in the neck (as if it's treating Nick shooting Matthew in the neck as somewhat foreshadowing or hinting as his death) - Sarah is so overencumbered with feelings of grief that she comitts suicide on the spot, whilst Rebecca comitts suicide later.

      Yep, NOW make your choice.

  • Do I save Nick or save everyone else?
    I know my answer.

  • Christa, Bonnie and Sarah.

  • the thing is, almost anybody would go with christa over Kenny. the moment i read christa or Kenny, i went with christa without a secnd thought.

    christa kept clem-clem alive for over 24 months.

    with the luke and Kenny its VERY CHALLENGING TO CHOOSE.

  • sarah or the baby? DAMN. NOW THATS HARD!

    id pick the baby. i think it has more of a chance of surviving... on a second thought... no never mind i go with the baby.

  • I'd save Kenny over Christa, Sarita over Bonnie, tough decision but Sarah over the baby.

  • Christa over Kenny- I like both characters, but I think Christa will help keep Clementine's humanity in check while at the same time making important survival decisions. She is also very sound and reasonable, while Kenny is kind of losing it.

    Bonnie over Sarita- Not a really passionate decision, I just know Bonnie and what she is capable of better than Sarita.

    The last one is really hard. I could go either way, each side has some pretty justifiable reasons.

  • Is Clem happy when Rebecca finally has the baby or does she break her spirit/hope with what occurred with Christa's?
    Does Clem become more assertive or continue to take orders from Kenny?
    Another horde threatens the group's survival. Does Clem sacrifice those "weak" people to buy more time to escape with the strong people?

  • Christa or Kenny: Easy, Kenny; he's one of my favorite characters of the series. Christa is a little boring.

    Bonnie or Sarita: Easy again, I don't like Sarita; I choose Bonnie.

    Sarah or Rebecca's Child: Sarah is my most hated character, and I already know I'm gonna hate Rebecca's Child. I'll pick Sarah because she would most likely be less annoying.

    Overall, these decisions are easier than a Luke/Kenny one, not more difficult.

  • I don't trust Kenny. Christa made me feel guilty about Omid and the baby for a long time. It's tough;I might have to go with K dog begrudgingly.
    I'd probably go with Bonnie because she's not handicapped.
    Sarah v. Baby? I could only assume Rebecca's dead to have to decide. It has to be easier to shut Sarah up then a newborn. Without a camp the baby would be too risky to keep. If Rebecca's alive, Sarah needs to go. Plus Rebecca's leftover titty milk would provide some nourishment to the group (and interesting visuals).

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