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How can the crooked man be so self sufficient .

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Come on , guys . Am I the only one who sees it ? Everyone who joined Fabletown had his name writen , his assets recorced and all the usual stuff (plus a few more described in the comics) . Obviously if the Crooked Man was rich he would be offered a role in the goverment like Bluebeard or at least had his entire story writen down . I mean , he comes out of the open , with the authorities knowing nothing . This only means that the guy had and was nothing , yet he owns slaves , a magic creating factory , a pawn shop , hands out lawns , etc .

On the other hand , Bluebeard made a fortune by busting Fables out of the Homelands by taking all their fortune first . Bigby (from comics) believes he is still doing that . But if Bluebeard is busting out Fables and Fabletown doesn't have a new member for a long time (also in the comics) it means the guy is sneaking them in . It makes sense because we would know of Bloody Mary's existence or powers . We would know about Aunty Greenleaf .

Since Bluebeard has the money and also doesn't lack the popularity , there is really nothing else than power that he is after . I believe he is behind this somehow . Bluebeard also has some other secrets from the comics ( wolves of the heartland , Goldilocks) .

What my opinion is that we will be able to punish the Crooked Man and find out Bluebeard's involvement , but with not sufficient evidence , thus Bluebeard surviving to appear on the comics .

  • I doubt Bigby is that much involved, Bigby wouldn't have been that patient with him in the comics.

      • Bigby mentions in the comics that he has been gathering information about Bluebeard over the centuries . Since Bluebeard is hiding something it could be a nice link TT would make between the game and the comics . Thats an idea of course

        • He sure has some unknown reasons for trying to slow down our investigation(or maybe he was just stupidly angry on Crane and the Tweedles). Since Bluebeard is such an informed man i find it impossible for him not to know about The Crooked Man, it's just that i don't believe him to be involved that much. If Bluebeard would have brought them in Fabletown, The Crooked Man would have been lost his fortune(unless they made a deal). I think The Crooked Mfound his own way of getting in Fabletown.

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