What 'codes' does your Bigby follow?

(I just bought this game on Tuesday and marathoned all the episodes in one sitting... stayed up until 6 AM playing it. :P Gotta say, I honestly like it even better than the Walking Dead. Anyway...)

I'm sorry if this has been discussed to death, but I wondered if any other players of TWAU have a set of morals or codes they abide by when playing as Bigby?

For example, my Bigby is The Atoner - he feels a lot of guilt and self-loathing over what he's done in the past, and he's doing the best he can to fix things, the only way he thinks he can now: by being as good and kind a person as he can. Within reason, of course. (Sometimes his nature betrays him, hahaha.)

For this reason, while he does believe rules are rules, sometimes he will place this 'atonement' or feelings of guilt over the law (such as telling Colin he could stay, but sending Toad away; he /owes/ Colin more than he does Toad, as he did... sort of... blow down his house.)

I wondered mainly because my older brother (who's never played, and stayed up with me while I played to watch) became frustrated with me when he watched me spare Dum, and gave me a long rant about how I wasn't helping anything or anyone by sparing truly evil people. I tried to explain to him that I'd put myself into Bigby's shoes, so to speak (paws?) and thus 'felt' (through imagining myself as Bigby) guilt and was attempting to atone by being a 'good' person.

So basically... does anyone else get too into it when they're roleplaying Bigby, and if so what kind of person is he like? :P

(I haven't read the comics yet, so forgive me if Bigby's character is completely different in them as how I'm imagining, haha. There is a 20 year time skip, though, isn't there? So maybe it can still 'make sense.')


  • I won't let my Bigby hit people unless they say his trigger word- "Bitch". Then they're free game. I have no qualms against taking money that certain characters don't deserve (i.e. from the Pudding n' Pie's floor safe or from Crane's apartment/jacket) and I'll use the same money to give away (i.e. Faith's payment, Toad's glamour money, etc. "A little Robin Hooding never hurt anybody"). I try to be civil but sometimes... that [Stomp him] is too alluring.

  • Oh, the "bitch" thing is a trigger for my Bigby too! He typically won't start fights or hit anyone unless it comes up (like I just straight out decked Georgie when he called Snow one.)

    I haven't taken any money the whole game because I didn't think it'd be a thing Bigby would do at the time, though I've regretted it since. I wish I had, because it meant I wasn't able to help some people out that I might have been able to otherwise. At least, I think. I know for a fact I couldn't pay Nerissa, and that I couldn't help out Toad. Also, I agree maybe he wouldn't mind as much if it's from people who don't deserve it (like Crane.)

    I agree it can be hard to be civil, but typically anytime there's an option between spoken dialogue or hitting someone I'll choose the dialogue. I just don't want Bigby to be seen as the 'big bad wolf' anymore, if that makes any sense, haha. :P

  • That makes perfect sense to me I pretty much play how you do but without hitting anyone. But I've got a second play through where I hit everyone I can because sometimes I just feel mischeiveous.

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    Me too, i try to be as good as i can with everyone. In my second playtrough i try to be as bad and ruthless as i can to see how the characters will think of me.

  • The only code my Bigby has is "get the job done", and if that means that i have to beat the crap out of the "u wot m8" pimp, i will.

  • My Bigby follows the law, I agree with Snow most of the time and I said Colin and Toad have to go to the farm, I punch people sometimes but only rarely, I bossed the butcher around because he was a lying shit and he was saying Bigby is a monster when he is the monster who kills animals for a fucking living!

  • Haha reminds me of Hancock. "Asshole"

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