Suspicion on Johann the Butcher

If Johann was just a victim (the crew using his place and he shut up), they would have him run his business normally as to avoid suspicion. I'm betting the reason he isn't taking even the minimal care of his original/front business (his best cuts are frozen shit, seriously?) is that he is not only involved but heavily invested into what was going on in that lab and who knows what else.

There was a mention at some point (don't remember who or when... can anyone help?) of the Crooked Man taking from fables more than just their dignity, freedom, rare precious magic items, etc. but also body parts, probably to use to make magic or whatever... the point being that it's where the Butcher's skill would come perfectly into play.

Ok, guys! Thoughts are welcome as always. Additional information and theories specially!
However small, unlikely, hard to articulate, etc. don't hesitate to share!


  • Think that's what those chains were in the back; using them to 'take' what the crew needed to make potions and what not. He's involved no matter what; hell, he pushed the button to alert whoever was back there that I was in the building. I'm sorry they took over his business, really, I am but that is still no excuse. Plus, he REALLY bothered me for some reason. Trying to out smart me; too damn clever for you, Johann. :)

  • I think it's very unlikely. He doesn't seem that way. And also, you don't need much skill for being a butcher.

  • It's a murder mystery. Unlikely and unexpected things are bound to happen at some point or another.

    Johann was undeniably playing dumb and he was terrible at it. I'm positive that he knows a lot. He is even sarcastic with Bigby for example if you mention you had a "talk" with Jersey. His "accidental" mention of the crew too sounded way too forced, like he wanted to give Bigby that information to draw Bigby's attention off him. His whole damn dialogue feels like he was faking it. Either he's being played by the worst actor Telltale ever had (and we know it's not true, he was Larry in TWD for example) or they asked the actor to play a fake/forced victim.

    Believe me, he's not sheep. I expect him to be in ep.5, involved with the Mary arc.

    Ascari posted: »

    I think it's very unlikely. He doesn't seem that way. And also, you don't need much skill for being a butcher.

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