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Faith theories

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Hey, I don't really know why but I have hunch which tells me Faith is probably alive.
1. You only find the head, not the rest of her body; could've been someone glamoured to look like her easily.
It is really interesting how this game is trying to screw with our minds and I liked Faith a lot, I hope she will return in EP5 even if she reveals herself as an antagonist. I saved Prince Lawrence, I just like those two characters.
2. Beginning of the game, Faith leaving the scene after you beat Woody; she rose her index and her middle finger up saying: "See ya around."Alt text
Same hand, same fingers, same phrase with Mary in the ending of EP3
Alt text
3. Both of them seem to wield Woody's axe really good, as you can see Faith smashing it into Woody's head and Bloody Mary almost doing the same with Bigby.
Just a theory, nothing too extreme tho.

  • It not impossible, Faith's whereabouts are concealed so there's a chance she's glamoured. Now i think it would have been better to send the head to The 13 Floor, i think Swineheart forgot about it(or maybe Telltale), we'll have to wait for the next episode to find out.

  • holy man nice catch. real nice.

    ur first 2 points are extremely possible, but not sure about the 3rd.

    so many people said bloody mary isn't in the comics, so that's possible faith? lol

  • interesting! but Mary wouldn't have been a prostitute. Nor would she have let herself be punched by the woodsman. She would have pulled a gun and killed him. Nor would she have begged him for money owed.

    Also, who is the dead girl, then?

    I think the hand/fingers signal is just a reuse of a 3D model pose.

    Excellent find, though!!!

    -- faye kane ♀ girl brain

  • nice one, however i dont think Bloody mary is the type who use glamour, she kind of a direct person not a sneaky one but still nice theory there.

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